4 Reasons To Choose Organic Matcha Tea Over Green Tea

Matcha is a type of green tea that is extremely different from the regular green tea. Though both of these come from the Camellia sinensis plant but are grown under different conditions. Organic matcha green tea comes from tea bushes that are shielded from sunlight for about 20 to 30 days before the harvest. Due to this shielding, the leaves tend to turn darker than the regular green tea leaves and have increased production of amino acids in them. This happens because of the increased chlorophyll content as the leaves are kept away from the sunlight. Later only leaves of these plants are stone ground into fine powder known as matcha, keeping the stems and veins aside. Matcha has higher caffeine and antioxidants than regular green tea. Here are the top four reasons why you should prefer matcha green tea over regular one.

Matcha is High in Antioxidants:

Organic matcha green tea has catechins in them which is a type of plant compound. This particular compound acts as a natural antioxidant in matcha. Antioxidants are said to stabilize harmful free radicals that can cause chronic diseases.  They even protect the cells from getting damaged. And the moment you add matcha powder to the hot water these antioxidants and catechins come into action. Therefore this is a wise choice to make than the regular green tea.

Matcha Protects The Liver:

Liver is one such organ that is vital to health. It is not only responsible for flushing out the toxins but also processing nutrients and metabolizing the drugs. An organic green tea is said to protect the health of the liver but matcha, in this category, tops the list. Matcha organic green tea is best at keeping your liver healthy and functional. So if you are looking for ways to keep your liver fit and fine, matcha would be a great help.

Matcha Boosts Brain Function:

Organic matcha green tea is said to enhance the brain and its functionality like no other. The components present in the tea helps in making this possible and boosting one’s brain to function in a better way. To be particular, matcha is said to improve attention, memory, alertness, reaction time, and avoid crashes in energy levels. This was found after the recent study that was held between few participants. The caffeine level in the matcha has also helped many in decreasing stress and inducing relaxation.

Matcha Helps You Lose Weight:

Most of us are looking for supplements that help in weight loss. And every supplement you go for has green tea extracts in their ingredients. There is no doubt in the fact that green tea promotes weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and fat burning. And because matcha comes from the same plant, the effects are exactly the same.

Now that you are keen to know where to buy matcha powder, there are several websites that sell this poeder online. Buy in small quantities initially to experience the benefits of matcha tea on your own!


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