4 Powerful Ways Employee Appreciation Will Benefit Your Organization

Employee Appreciation

It’s hard being an employee sometimes: employees often feel underappreciated by the big corporations that consistently take more and more time from them for progressively less amounts of compensation.

These companies also very rarely show their appreciation or loyalty to these employees. They will allow employees to leave with little to no compensation or fire them just to go to extreme lengths so the company doesn’t have to give the former employees what was promised to them.

This is a poor business practice, and showing appreciation to employees has many benefits. Here are four important reasons why it is good for you as an employer to show appreciation for your employees.

1. Improves Employee Morale

Employees are people too, and in anything we do, we need to have the drive to complete our work. Whether that is a shared goal or an individual one, morale is important to the success of a company.

As an employer, you want your employees to have high morale so that they are driven to do their jobs, which also makes your company more efficient.

Positive reinforcement coming from employers increases dopamine levels in workers, which leads to higher morale and employee happiness in the workplace.

When employees are driven to do their work, it saves time for doing the same job and therefore keeps you from spending extra money.

2. Improves Employee Productivity

Increased dopamine levels don’t just increase employee happiness, it also increases company productivity. When your employees are unmotivated, they tend to work slower.

Productivity is the backbone of a successful business; you want a job to be done as quickly as possible and that only comes from showing your employees you care about them.

3. Fosters Company Loyalty

These days company loyalty is suffering; over eighty percent of employees are more than willing to leave their current company if they were to receive the right offer.

Sometimes this can be mitigated simply by showing your employees that you appreciate them. Letting them know every so often their efforts don’t go unnoticed could save you money as well.

Some employees would opt to stay with their company even with more on the table from another company if the company shows they are loyal to them.

If you want this kind of loyalty, then invest in good gestures to show appreciation to employees.

4. Builds Positive Company Culture

Doing things like creating a company swag store will also help build a strong company culture. To do this, you can go to

Showing Appreciation to Employees Is Good

When trying to build a positive working environment, showing appreciation to employees can do nothing but good things for the company as a whole. After all, they are people too and they devote their time to the company’s success.

They deserve to be shown that their time isn’t wasted working for a company that doesn’t care about them. Show your employees that you care.

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