3 Ways to Know if You’re Using a High-Quality Ride-on Floor Scraper

If you are in the floor removal business, you must already know that a hand-held or manual floor scraper is just not enough. Aside from the fact that it consumes a lot of time and is laborious, the cost to operate it is also high. Manual floor scrapers have a higher injury rate, and you also need to spend more on labour costs.

It is fortunate that technological advances are released daily. And one of the amazing things that have been invented is a ride on a floor scraper machine. It greatly minimises physical labour in floor removal works. As a result, you and your workers can finish the job much faster than manual methods, reducing the costs and gaining higher profits.

Three things to consider before buying a ride-on floor scraper

You have to know three major factors first about a ride on a floor scraper: weight, battery power, and travel speed and torque.

  1. Weight

Weight is an important aspect you should always look into when choosing a floor scraper. The heavier the scraper is, the heavier it can do. So, if you need to scrape off something more difficult to remove, you need a heavier machine that can exert more force and pressure.

A machine with a heavier weight produces more down pressure that can remove a flooring material more effectively. Also, the machine must possess both weight, speed and torque.

  1. Travel speed and torque

Weight, speed, and torque must complement one another to ensure a smooth operation of the floor scraper machine. Without speed and torque, a weighted floor scraper would be of no use. Likewise, if the machine does not have enough weight or torque, the speed won’t matter.

In terms of speed, you must look for a floor scraper machine with speed options. Some machines often have one fixed speed level only. You might want a floor scraper with different speed options, depending on the type and intensity of work you need to do.

Torque and power are also essential in these machines. If your machine has varying options for speed and torque levels, you have a great set of floor scrapers. That way, you can adjust the power and intensity level of the machine based on the job situation.

  1. Battery power

You should not be blinded by how long a battery can last. For instance, if you are asked to choose between a floor scraper machine that lasts for six hours or 12 hours, you would probably choose the 12-hour battery life.

It’s not wrong, though, but you also need to consider the power it can give during those hours. What if the six-hour battery life could remove floors two times faster than a machine that can last up to 12 hours?

Also, consider the cost. The 12-hour battery power might be more expensive than the other one, but you still decided to buy it because you think it might save you more money. However, if the six-hour battery power can perform better, you would save much more on it.

In short, in terms of battery life, you need to consider the production rate first before the number of hours it can last.

A ride on a floor scraper would save you more money, time, and labour, increasing the profitability of a project. It is always a good investment for a floor removal business. But before buying one, it is important to know the three major factors to consider: weight, speed and torque, and battery power.

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