3 Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Do your fingernails look healthy? Unusual shape, discoloration, dents, and ridges can affect your nails. Some might be avoided or managed easily, while others could signify an underlying condition. If you spot worrying New York nail problems like bleeding, swelling, or pain around the nails, dark streak or full-nail discoloration, separation from the skin, thin/thickening, or shape changes, you should consult your dermatologist.

Nails feature laminated keratin (protein) layers. This grows from the base of the nail under the cuticle. Healthy fingernails are characterized by consistent color, without discoloration, spots, grooves, or pits. You can spot vertical ridges running from the cuticle to the nail’s tip, especially as you age. You could also develop spot or white lines when injured, which grow out with the nail. Nail care is not overwhelming. With a few pointers, you can keep them strong and spotless for an extended period. Among the straightforward tips includes:

Keep them clean

Nail hygiene is essential, ensuring you don’t provide bacteria room to grow. As you trim the nail, use clippers or sharp manicure scissors. Cut them straight across and a gentle curve around the tip for a smooth finish.

It is tempting to pull off hangnails, but it is best if you don’t. Pulling can rip live tissues along with the nail, which is painful and can affect the nail and finger/toe’s health since it creates room for infection. Clip of the hangnails; it is easier, painless, and more effective.

Biting or picking at the cuticles should also be avoided. The habit can damage the nail bed or cause a cut. Such cuts create room for fungi or bacteria to make their way and lead to an infection. Invest in nail hygiene tools; they are not expensive. The tools can help you safely and conveniently keep your nails clean and healthy.

Dry is better

Keep the nails dry to avoid splitting. Use measures like wearing rubber gloves when washing or handling harsh chemicals. Wear comfortable shoes and socks for the toenails and give them a breather. As you prioritize keeping the nails dry, remember that excessive wetness is the enemy. A little moisture helps; your moisturizer is good for the nails. You don’t need any extra or special products to moisturize the nails. As you rub lotion on your hands, apply it to the cuticles and fingernails, helping them stay moist.


Applying a nail hardener layer can help improve their strength. While using colored polish, including a base coat acting as a barrier, also helps protect the nails. As you remove the polish, consider the remover to ensure it is not harsh, which can worsen discoloration. Non-acetone polish removers are a go-to over the conventional acetone option since they are associated with more nail yellowing. As you supercharge nail protection measures, keep nicotine away. If you must smoke, consider a vaporizer or cigarette holder.

As you strive to improve your nail health, nutrition also counts. If you consider supplements, talk to your doctor and get better recommendations, especially if you want to strengthen brittle or weak nails. Also, consult the doctor if you spot symptoms that don’t seem to go away on their own for proper diagnosis and treatment. Visit Lumos Dermatology(R) for all your nail care needs.

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