3 tips to getting the highest quality custom stickers

Custom stickers are a brilliant marketing tool. You have probably read a lot about their versatility and effectiveness. 

That is all well and good, but there is an essential step you need to take before you can reap the benefits of sticker printing

Ensure that you get high-quality custom stickers. Even the best sticker marketing campaign will only go so far if your stickers feel thin, flimsy, and do not stick well. 

We are here to help you avoid that. With our top three tips, you will create high-quality stickers that speak for your brand and product quality in no time. Are you ready to learn more? Then let’s jump right in. 

1. Submit a high-resolution design

When you order custom stickers, you submit your own design. This is the ideal solution for businesses and artists, as you will not be stuck with generic sticker designs. Instead, you can print exactly what you need. 

The design you submit will form the foundation of your final stickers. It is worth spending some time on the quality of your artwork. 

By that, we do not mean your design, but the quality, or resolution, of your file. The higher the resolution, the better your stickers will be. 

For the best possible results, we recommend submitting a vector file. These transform your design elements into shapes and lines, making them very easy to scale and print. 

If you are working with an image, ensure a DPI of at least 300. An image is made out of dots, so-called pixels. The more dots per inch (DPI), the better the quality of your image. 

With a high-quality bitmap or vector, you can be sure your stickers will turn out great. 

2. Have print-ready artwork 

Designing for print can be a little tricky. Especially when you cannot see the finished product before ordering. But there are a few things you can do to avoid bad surprises. 

  • Look at your design at scale

Creating a design on a screen often messes with our sense of dimensions. Once you are happy with your artwork, zoom out until the size of the digital design matches the size of stickers you want. This lets you see whether your dimensions are correct. 

  • Keep text legible 

While you are looking at your design at scale, see if you can read the text you included. Chances are, if you cannot, it won’t print legibly. A great rule of thumb to keep in mind is that your text should have a minimum size of 8pt. 

  • Convert your colors

Did you know that the colors on your screen are different to the colors that can be printed? Weird, we know. That is because your screen works with a different color scheme (RGB) than your printer (CMYK). All you need to know for now is that you can easily change the colors on screen into a CMYK gamut. This will give you a better idea of what your colors will look like printed.

3. Choose a great supplier

If you are after high-quality stickers, you need a top-notch supplier to deliver that. The beauty of going with a professional printing company is that you can benefit from the latest equipment like digital printer and cutters. 

One of the most important aspects of your research should be the quality and variety of materials offered. Ask for a material sample, so you can really get a feel for the quality.

Most sticker printers offer a wide selection of materials, including sustainable options and effect vinyls. One of our absolute favorites are the holographic stickers

With such materials, you can create a premium product experience that will draw customers in and set expectations high. 

Follow these three tips and your design will be bulletproof. Please feel free to share the amazing results your have created with us in the comments below. We cannot wait to see them!


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