3 Professional iMovie Alternative you Should Use in 2021

iMovie Alternative

You’ll need editing software if you want to make a great video. The most acceptable video editing software is iMovie. However, it is only compatible with ios and macOS. If you wish to utilize iMovie on your Windows system, you can use solutions to it. Use these programs that are similar to iMovie to make the finest videos.

Top 3 iMovie alternative mac

Filmora: Our Top picked iMovie Alternative Mac

Filmora is a simple iMovie alternative mac for anyone who creates video content. You can immediately get going with whether you’re a novice, a hobbyist, or an expert. It’s one of the most fantastic desktop/PC solutions to iMovie, and it’s accessible for both Pc and Mac.

It is a free movie alternative for mac & has a straightforward and appealing user interface. It can be used to show your imagination in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

Effortlessly transform films, audio, and photographs into stunning works of art. To get the most outstanding overall result, trim, clip, and rotate your films. To edit your video, add music in the background or add a narration.

Mosaic, Tilt Shifting, Face Off, and other advanced special effects can be added as needed. Video can be directly uploaded to YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo and burned to DVD, and saved to various devices. To make your video more spectacular, use a variety of effects.


Olive is a free and open-source iMovie alternative mac, OS X, Windows, and Linux. The tool is still in the early stages of development and is only accessible in an alpha edition, but it works well and appears to be intriguing. 

Olive is among the top iMovie alternatives for Mac, per the video editing audience.  Olive is an iMovie alternative for mac-free & better in so many ways than the other video editors on our list: it focuses on highlights, has a basic minimum of features and transformations, and has a clear and straightforward interface.

Some of the actions of this video editing software, such as downsizing, rotating, and relocating files, can be done immediately in the previewing window, which is a handy tool for the split-screen and picture-in-picture results. A built-in recorder, audio background effect, and an essential title creator are also included.

Remember that Olive is still a work in progress, so more options will be added in the future. Besides that, it’s a good option for someone who needs to rapidly combine a few friends and family clips, add a piece of music, and subtitles now and again.

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Over the last few years, Kdenlive has become a go-to movie maker for many Mac users as an iMovie alternative. It does, however, operate on Windows, and you could use it as an iMovie alternative. Kdenlive is a video editing software, as VSDC is small and works on low-end systems. 

The setup is a little complicated, but the UI is simple. You’ll be able to cut your movie, mute or delete audio, modify speed and level, and apply typical video effects without hunting for video lessons.

Kdenlive only has two video channels (which is more than enough for most people) and enables you to edit files. Kdenlive has an excellent function called “Add colour clip” that allows you to insert a panel of any colour into the sequence rapidly



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