3 Fantastic Reasons to Become a Dentist

Dentistry is a very rewarding and flexible career path. Dentists dedicate their lives to improving the oral and overall health of their patients. If you’ve been considering a career in dentistry but aren’t completely sold yet, we can help.

Keep reading to find our list of reasons to become a dentist.

1. You Get to Make People Feel Good

One of the best things about becoming a dentist is the joy you can bring to your patients.

The smile is one of the first features people notice about others. If someone has yellow or rotting teeth, they may not be inclined to smile as much. Imagine having the ability to fix their smile and make them feel beautiful or handsome again.

Dentistry isn’t only about aesthetics, though. You will provide pain relief and boost your patient’s overall health. You’ll even be able to detect early signs of cancer and even potentially save their lives.

2. You Can Make a Great Living

While salary shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your career choice, it helps to know what you can expect in terms of income.

Dentists are in higher demand now than ever. This is due in part to the aging baby boomers and their ever-increasing need for dental care. This may mean it’s easier for you to create a successful practice with many patients to serve.

You will be able to reach future patients with the right dental SEO practices. Your website helps you appeal to younger audiences to ensure you have a never-ending list of patients.

The average wage of a dentist is $175,840 per year. If you choose to specialize (see point number 3), you may be able to earn even more.

3. You Can Choose to Specialize

Another great perk of choosing dentistry as a career is that there are so many different types of dentists. This means there are countless paths you can take on your road to finding the right specialization for you.

General dentistry is the practice most people think of when they go to see the dentist. You can expect to have teeth cleanings, fillings, and check-ups when you see a general dentist.

Orthodontists focus on teeth straightening via braces and other oral devices like clear aligners. A periodontist’s main area of focus is treating gums and bones. Endodontists take general dentistry a bit further by performing more involved procedures like root canals.

If the science of dentistry interests you, oral pathology is a route to consider. In this profession, you’ll learn the ins and outs of various oral diseases.

Start Your Path to Become a Dentist

As you can see, there are many great reasons to become a dentist. While the road to becoming a dentist may not be easy, it’ll be more than worth it to see the smiles on your happy patient’s faces.

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