13 Amazon Shopping Hacks for Scoring Insane Deals

Amazon Prime Day is back and better than ever! As prices go up in most other stores, Amazon’s biggest sales of the year are a great way to save money.

Looking to save money on Amazon Prime Day? If you are, then here are 13 Amazon shopping hacks and tips for scoring the best deals in 2021.

1. Amazon Prime Subscription

First and foremost, subscribe to Amazon Prime! All of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day are only available to Prime Members. Standard pricing is $120 per year, but the savings can go deeper than that.

For example, if you’re not already a member, sign up for a 30-day trial to see if it works for you beyond Prime Day. If it does, keep it. If not, you can cancel it.

If you’re doing this, make sure you know when is Prime Day. Ideally, you’d start the free trial a few days before Prime Day so that you can enjoy the benefits after the event as well.

2. Prime Student Membership

Similarly, if you’re a student with a school email address, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime Student membership. You get an extended 6-Month trial and then reduced pricing after that.

3. Compare Item Prices

If you know the type of item you want and have several options, you might want to use a price comparison tool. These tools give at-a-glance information on where the deepest discounts are.

Amazon Assistant is the most popular one to use for shopping Amazon because it is built right into the site. But there’s also CamelCamelCamel and PriceGrabber, both of which are very popular. Between these three, you’ll certainly find the best discounts and save money on Amazon Prime Day.

4. Grab the Coupons

Amazon does have coupons, but you really have to look for them. There is a dedicated section to it in the Today’s Deals section.

But before you add an item with a coupon to your cart, remember to clip the coupon while you’re on the product page. Otherwise, it may not give you the discount!

5. Get Browser Extensions

If comparing prices and tracking coupons sounds helpful but cumbersome, there are some other tools that can help save money on Amazon.

Tools like Honey (owned by PayPal) and WikiBuy track deals and discounts for you and give you cash-back on your purchases.

6. Check the Hubs

Amazon has several hubs where you can find great deals, even if it is not on Prime Day.

For Prime Day 2021 specifically, Amazon does have a hub dedicated to it.

But did you know about Amazon Warehouse? Essentially, it is Amazon’s refurbished section. But like all refurbished items, they are discounted heavily.

Finally, there’s Amazon Outlet. This hub is for items that are overstocked or on clearance.

7. Gift Card Bonuses

Most stores, including Amazon, want you to buy their Gift Cards. They want you to buy them so much that, in this case, they’ll give you money to buy them.

A recent deal involved getting $10 for a $40 gift card purchase. The deal has since been discontinued, but it may come back.

8. Get the Credit Card

The Amazon Prime Signature Visa gets you 5% rewards points on all of your shopping on Amazon. So every purchase you make on Amazon with this card will save money on Amazon in the future.

The card has other benefits, such as:
– 5% back on Whole Foods purchases
– 2% back on gas, food, and drugstores
– 1% back on all other purchases
– No Annual Fee

Overall, it’s a great credit card to have on its own merits. Most importantly, it will save money shopping on Amazon Prime Day.

9.  Trade Items In

Amazon has trade-in programs that are usually pretty generous. They apply to a range of products, from phones to textbooks.

Amazon pays for and handles the shipping, but you get an Amazon gift card for the trade amount instantly credited to your Amazon account.

10. Shipping Credits

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping. But what if you didn’t need the items in two days?

It’s a question worth asking because on some items, Amazon will provide a credit for postponing your shipping dates. It’s usually only in the range of $2 to $5, but every bit of savings counts!

11. Google some Deal Collections

If you’re looking for specific categories of items, such as tech, fashion, or home, then doing this will save you a lot of time.

Every Amazon Prime Day, blogs cover the event by listing the best items that will be discounted. These blogs usually review items in specific categories and know what to recommend and at what prices. Because of this, these collections of items tend to be high quality and good value.

Doing a quick Google search such as “Amazon Prime tech deals” would surface the best tech deals, for instance. But the principle could apply to any category of items for sale.

12. Check Out…Walmart?

How could Walmart save you money on Amazon Prime Day? They have their own sale going on to compete with Prime Day.

It’s not as vast as Amazon’s sales, but they still provide some hefty discounts, some of which beat Amazon’s on certain items.

Although Walmart is Amazon’s largest competitor, other stores such as Target and Best Buy also have sales going on at the same time.

Double-checking these sites before you buy items on Amazon will ensure that you’re getting the best deal on what you want to buy.

13. Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

Finally, this is a tip that transcends any particular store. All stores want you to buy as many items as possible because it makes them the most money. And you want to buy everything you need at once to save time and money.

But remember, money not spent is also money saved. Buying things you need at great prices is saving money. But if you buy something you don’t need, a good deal or not, you wasted money.

Just something to keep in mind as you browse the Prime Day Deals.

Get Ready to Save!

When it comes to shopping and saving money on Amazon Prime Day this year, these tips and hacks will get you far!

Be sure to let us know which of these tips was most helpful in the comments below!


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