12 Unique Strength Tattoo Ideas That You Should Bookmark Rightaway

More often than not, our choice of a tattoo is a statement we want to give to the world. 

It symbolizes what we want to put out about ourselves and our personality.

Sometimes, after we’ve been through some incident or a phase of life that was difficult to get through, or is still going on, something that reminds us how strong we are can be a source of great motivation. Tattoos that symbolize strength, for example, could be that thing. 

They would also be an acknowledgement of our power and struggle.

If you’re also looking for such ideas, we are here with 12 tattoos for girls symbolize strength.

  • Lion – King of the jungle

Let us start with a roar! A lion tattoo would be an absolute statement of strength and power. It would symbolize that one is strong and has control over their life (or is at least trying to get that!). More than anything, it would say that the one sporting it never quits or backs down.

  • One-liner

A subtle and straightforward message of strength. What could be more effective than that! Sure it would not be as boisterous and bold as a lion tattoo, but sometimes a simple statement is the loudest one we can give, to remind ourselves and the world of our strength.

  • Rose 

This beautiful rose tattoo with the word strength replacing its stem is a strength tattoo symbol that signifies that nothing which looks delicate and pretty must also be weak. You can definitely be both strong and beautiful.

  • Knight tattoo

A knight holding a shield and a sword- this tattoo would indicate that not only you’re strong and a fighter, but also that you’re a protector and take pride in standing up for others. It could be anyone, your friends, family or any other loved ones.

  • Semi-colon tattoo

A semi-colon is widely recognized as signifying a pause or a break in one’s life. This creative rendition of the word strength containing a semi-colon would say that stopping or having a breakdown does not make you weak; it only tells that you were strong enough to bear it and come out of it alive.

  • Sea shell 

How cute is this oceanic themed tattoo?! It signifies the strength of an oyster and that it makes a pearl despite all the waves and disturbances.

PS: Such designs look really great as a back tattoo women too. 

  • Why not?

Whenever someone tells you that you’re not capable and won’t be able to achieve something, this is the question that you put back to them. Whenever there’s doubt in your mind, and you’re hesitating to do something, again, this is the question you put to yourself.

  • Mini motivation

A mini motivational statement to remind you what you’re capable of, during those moments of self-doubt in any difficult times you’re going through. 

  • Religious strength

This tattoo would be a reminder to stay strong and think positive, coming straight out of your faith in God.

  •  Phoenix

A phoenix is a mythical bird often used in many stories. It is always shown as going down in a burst of flames and rising back from its ashes. This gorgeous phoenix tattoo on the back would indicate that you’re just as strong as the phoenix and would always rise back after falling.

  • Dragon tattoo

Although it is a point of debate whether dragons are real or not, one thing that is undebatable is that they’re hella strong and magnificent! So here’s a little dragon tattoo pick from us, for you.

  • Chinese strength

Last but not least, we would like to end our list of recommendation with a unique strength tattoo design, which comes from no ordinary language but legendary Mandarin itself.

Happy inking! 🙂


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