About Organisir

A Single Comprehensive Solution To Simplify Your Life!

Organisir is a simple yet sophisticated software solution that helps integrate all online and offline activities of businesses or individuals.

As a highly secure and convenient solution, Organisir is a dynamic platform and a single repository of information. What makes this repository unique is the way in which the information can be stored, formatted and actioned upon with various alerts right from emails to phone messages.

Common Pain-Points Answered

  • Manage your Contacts, Expenses, Income, Assets, Events, Investments, Documents & Passwords all at one single place.
  • Access from anywhere at anytime.
  • Get reminders for any due payments or upcoming event.
  • Print labels, cheques and envelopes from your place.

Why Organisir?

Functional, innovative and easy to use advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication. Easily synchronizes across multiple platforms and users intuitive and informative reports flexible subscription plans dedicated customer support.

Convert all your paper work into digital format and access is anytime at ease. No need to waste time in searching for the papers while you have organisir.



Add family members and assign login credentials. Manage all your family records and history at one place.


We show you a whole new way of using your Contacts. Create new contacts, link your contacts to your income, expense, assets, and so on.


Keep all your scanned documents in one place and get access to those records anytime, anywhere.


Manage your Assets records on the move. Save any type of Asset with the most specific information of the Asset for future reference.


Get reminder updates of recurring incomes from various sources. Create vouchers of your incomes for future references.


Keep a track of all your recurring expenses. Get reminders before and on your due dates. Create vouchers for each expense made.


Storing your passwords for various accounts made easy. Store any type of password, and we promise to keep it in the most secure place, where even we cannot reach.


Store all your Investments in a single secure place. Get access to your investment records anywhere, anytime.


Managing an event is now easier than ever. Keep track of your guest lists, provide details about their stay and assign them vehicles. Keep your guests well informed about the programmes by sending them automated SMSes* and Mails.


Let us know what you feel about Organisir!