Ross realized Leon was tired.

He doesn't want to talk about it.

I want to talk to your mother.

My brother is watching TV.

It's all for the best.

Okay, let's get down to the basics.


June has been charged with kidnapping.

I'm concerned for Knapper's safety.

That isn't right.

It's a good idea to stop using direct-links to files. Use a trick like starting the URL with double-width h t t p or something.

The upstairs window opened.

Writing is a lonely way of life. You shut yourself up in your study and work and work.

I didn't realize you were awake.

There are more clouds today than yesterday.

Just make this stop.

Where do you wish you were right now?

He believed that the earth was round.


Rhonda put his wig back on.

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Valeria needs you in his office.

Everybody should be proud.

You're not going to tell anyone, right?

If it were not for this defect, I should hire him at once.

On the days he doesn't take a nap, he's bad tempered.

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Warren doesn't understand how a computer works.

The price of rice has come down.

He would be paid a small amount of money.

Do you want us to call you a taxi?

Maybe we can work something out.

They love this song.

The warrior is conscious of both his strength and his weakness.

Mr. Tanaka is one of our friends.

Don't you remember what Vijay said?


Do not choose locations close to the air space to play game.

He doesn't want to live in a less developed country.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.


Do I have to come on Monday?


He had three sons.

I'm wearing my swimsuit under my clothes.

May I speak to Nils?

Except for one person, everybody went home.

To the best of my knowledge, the rumor is not true.

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I drank tea.


Presley said Nick's perfume reminded him of his mother.

Randell is as tall as you are.

Hey! What are you doing in my room?

How many tickets did you get?

They may not know about it.

We need to discuss many things.

Please tell John that I called.

What are some of your favorite French wines?

I want to translate this sentence into Vietnamese.

I forgot about that.

The boy stripped a tree of the bark.

You've walked into a trap.

He is so old that he cannot walk quickly.


He doesn't understand British humour.

The red umbrella reminded her of her grandma.

Even though he had served his time in prison, the murderer was never quite condoned by the public for his crime.

Luis may have to cancel the party.

He always had a smile.


Grease the madeleine molds and pour in the batter (but not all the way to the top; the madeleines will rise!)

Do you want to invite friends over for your birthday?

Let's see who can find it first.

Piotr looked out of the window.

Several cottages have been isolated by the flood water.

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She put her glasses back on.


Metin wants you right away.

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There's water in the classroom.

This week is Fire Prevention Week.

It is paramount to all the others.

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Do you think I'm lying?

My father insisted that we should go.

Kazuhiro doesn't play tennis.


That would be humiliating.

Beckie always looks nice.

This was your big idea, remember?

I'd really like to spend some time with you.

Cassava is a drought-tolerant crop and consequently a major staple food for millions of people.

I guess I waited too long.

I must find out who is behind this.

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That better change quickly.

I'm with management.

I heard that you bought a hockey team.

Thuan turned to prostitution.

He got a shameful title.

It wasn't there before.

The numerical values shown above derive from Hobson's simulation.


Cooking's one of my strong suits.

She is a glutton.

My grandparents died before I was born.


Look at you - all scrubbed and dressed. They say the clothes make the man.

I'm getting pretty tired of driving every morning.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend.

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Change is one thing, progress is another. "Change" is scientific, "progress" is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy.


They approve.

You love him more than me.

I know what you ate for lunch.

Let me get you a drink.

I plan to catch the 10:30 train.


The man tried to install his own antenna.

Ping can't hurt us anymore.

I have often wondered.

I slept in front of the TV.

A constellation shines.

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Honestly, there's nothing to worry about.

If anyone can do it, you can.

Leigh did what his wife asked.

We were only trying to help.

Why are you crying? It's just a movie.


Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, triggered the Space Race.

No writes much better now than he used to.

Have you got something for me?

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Louiqa doesn't have enough money to buy a new car.


All of us were silent.

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I'll do that first thing in the morning.


We don't expect Carter to live much longer.

Norma couldn't answer my question.

Ofer behaved badly.


Heavy snow prevented the train from departing.


That finch is performing its cute little dentistry on a crocodile over there.

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I didn't know that someone was watching me.

He's a Parisian.

We have to get her out of here.

The garden is really a sight for sore eyes.

Danny's favorite movie is Brokeback Mountain.


Your hair's not even wet.


They won't be in time.

She selected a hat to match her new dress.

Elric sat down beside her.


I'm going to move.

If you oversleep, you'll end up hungry.

Surya looked a bit sheepish.

She's no longer distinguishable there in the distance.

His daughter importuned him to buy the doll.

I feel like some important idea always slips away from me, and I can't catch it.

Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.

Who's going to pay the mechanic?

I forgot to bring an umbrella with me.

She's lactose intolerant.

It's too large a hazard to venture there.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

They spoke well of their grandson.

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I admire his wit.

I eat sauerkraut every morning.

You said you were thirty.

I've never seen a car this old in such good condition.

Mats is in his room now.

Have a safe trip.

I've got a big problem.

Mr Wood didn't have any kids.

Who would want you dead?

The road is jammed with cars.

Let's sit tight.


Supper is served at nine-thirty.


Why should I stop him?


We need to check this report for accuracy.


Many of my friends don't have children.

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I'll do everything I can to help Randy.


None of the rooms is ready.