What is Order360?

Order 360 is a great new app for painters and paint shops alike. It has been designed to help streamline the paint ordering process with the added function of record keeping also available.
For painters - It allows them to order paint from the convenience of their phones, regardless of where they are and what time of day.
It also contains a useful tracking function to help them organise their jobs. Customer information and job details (including colours and products used) is recorded and stored, making follow up maintenance / touch ups jobs a breeze.
For paint shops - An easy to use dashboard allows shops to see all orders within seconds of the order being placed. Different tabs organise your orders (today’s / last week etc) and a handy search function allows you to search by painter name, company name or order number.
The app can be used to save employee information and painter details and is compatible with any existing computer system.
Order360 will also provide its shop users a unique opportunity through its advertising tool. Not only will you be able to offer your customers exclusive offers, but you will also have access to hundreds of new customers and painters.


This app works for all brands and paint shops. You can buy advertising space to transmit your specialty produce to a new audience. A lot of painters may not even know you're there , this way you can attract new business which = growth off your company and = sales

Clients and partners

Here are just some of our local and overseas clients and partners, We plan to have this system in every painters hands so that ordering paint and accessory is easily and simple with an added bonus of track there jobs and accounts

Order Paint From Your Phone 24/7

You can order paint, from any paint shop while you are still on site. Order any colour, any tint amount, any size - you have all the same options as if you were in the store. You can also set up your team with their own password so they can order paint directly. However before the order is placed, it will come to you to approve so you always have visibility of the paint your business is ordering.