Do you believe he told the truth?

Meg colored the picture.


After the second glass of wine, Sassan became talkative.

I told you not to talk to them.

I have never heard about a city called Nara. Where is it situated?

This is the reason why I came here.

I have not read all the books.


I heard you might be in trouble.

Would you care for my plants while I'm away?

I thought that you were going to come over last night.

I was going to wash my hair.

You're decisive.


Hasten slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil.

Extreme weather events are affecting energy production and delivery facilities, causing supply disruptions of varying lengths and magnitudes and affecting other infrastructure that depends on energy supply.

Olaf likes playing soccer.


Sir doesn't let people into his house.


We wish Barney success.

I like short poems.

Adam paused to catch his breath.

He makes a rule of attending such meetings.

He's a single father.

Sundar asked me where the restroom was.

Every country has its own history.

What are you asking me to do?

To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them.

Elaine has done enough already.

Both sisters are blondes.


Mariou didn't know where he should go.


Pierce and Linder sat at a small table in the garden playing chess.

Are there any Japanese restaurants near here?

She smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

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Here are some idioms.


I want a picture of that dog.

Knut got to the airport with only a few minutes to spare.

I don't think it looks bad. It's just not my style.

What time will be right for you?

I should take them with me.

Rik displayed the contents of his wallet.

She claims to have seen kobolds.


I need authorization.

Urs went on a shopping spree.

Speak English with him.


I went there for the express purpose of earning money.

She held her breath.

He is on the radio.

Why did you pretend not to see me when we were on the bus together?

"Thanks for your help." "No problem."

They come in various shapes.

You're right, there's a lot to do. Let's get started then!

My father was a pacifist who refused to fight in the Vietnam War.

Music and sounds are very important in movies.

That's just the way it happened.

We weren't lucky.

I would never get any work done then and my ass would be fat.

Everyone in the room seemed to agree.


Elaine wants me to plan the wedding.

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I thought we were just going to talk.

Your tears tear my heart!

Do whatever you want to do.

I bet Curt doesn't sleep a wink tonight.

If we keep going this way, we'll hit the wall.

Anatoly was so flirting with you.

You're going to be seen.


Taro, dinner is ready.


To do him justice, he is not equal to the job.

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Now I'm sure.

Then he looked at her intently, and suddenly gave her a hug and kissed her on the lips.

I'd like to explain everything, but I don't think we have enough time.

He kept smoking all the while.

I did it for Miriamne.

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Kelvin tell ghost stories.

I can't open it!


She looks as if she had been ill for a long time.


Beautiful flowers have thorns.


The player attacked the referee.

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Your jacket and tie don't go together.

I have a suggestion.

I need an assistant who speaks French.

Matthieu was already asleep.

Archie is under a lot of stress.

Have you decided whether or not you're going to sell your house?

I don't want her to be unhappy.

Jennifer wants to buy a new smartphone.

They went to an expensive restaurant for lunch.


Cellphones do not work in the air-raid shelter.

Dreams tell the truth.

i went to the post office

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I knew you'd be hungry.

I didn't make any adjustments.

My father expects me to marry Son.

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Sid and Brodie rode their horses through the canyon.

I said I'd look after her.

The League of Nations did not make for peace.

Do not drink water!

I should call a doctor.

We're sorry to say that this house has been sold.

Figures of speech are tools well employed by writers in any literary genre.


The girl didn't like to wash dishes.

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Walter came back home covered in mud.

Sehyo was the first one through the door.

Everyone else hates us.

Blake will explain.

I remember my school days very well.


Barrett kept silent about the problem.

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Well, that's what you want, isn't it?

I made other plans.

Daniele tearfully recalled how his father savagely had beaten his mother.

Section 214b, in my opinion one of the stranger provisions of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein's General Administrative Code, seems to imply that somebody who sees a pink elephant must give it a receipt.

Moreover, thank you for allowing me to complete a few hours of flying lessons.

The old woman was collecting firewood in the forest.

Tell me why I shouldn't kill you.

Go without thinking twice!

Who wants more coffee?

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There were plenty of other people there.

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He is said to have been strong.

Can you update my software?

Is it pleasing to you?

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She's a kleptomaniac.

That university's curriculum covers natural science and social science.

The Internet is a series of tubes.

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It is a mystery why he did not finish the poem.


It is said that Peng Zu was the grandson of a celestial emperor.


Vadim arrived this morning.

I'll only talk to her.

This might be real, or it might not.


Which one is cheaper?

Tolerant is a bellfounder.

Everyone wants to be Rajiv's friend.

Some students devote themselves to sports and neglect their studies.

I thought everybody liked it.

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I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights for women and men.

I brush my teeth with a toothbrush.

I'm wet.

How did you become interested in studying languages?

Spencer occasionally visited me when I lived in Boston.


Mike wants to buy a house in Boston.

You should play with your cat more often.

Some people seemed to think the good times were going to last forever.


We will all die, sooner or later.


When were you there?

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Jesus promised himself he'd never do that again.

The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

I didn't listen to the news yesterday.

Do we have a babysitter for tonight?

The doctor says she suffers from rheumatism.

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She smiled me into good humor.


A samurai's blood runs in Taro's veins.


I reached out and touched Kerry's hand.


Just ask them to give it back.

Taking a bath makes me relax.

Heaven be praised! I come on time.

This book seemed interesting.

I wasn't sure I could trust you before.

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That's exactly what I said.


I want to know who used to live here.