I was impressed with her work.

I know you and Ninja are friends.

Ozawa had been demobilized from overseas and had just arrived this night into his hometown, Osaka, but he had heard rumors on the train about bandits roaming in the postwar cities and suburbs.

Stacey was about to leave the house.

That was an interesting read.

He can afford the time to play the guitar though.

I agree with you completely.


Can I have your mobile number?


Where will you have lunch today?

Where's the nearest shop?

Don't you have a snowmobile?


Loyd has been busy.


Do you have any bait?

This was your idea, wasn't it?

Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.

I got that from my father.

The Inca were religious people.

God created Padania and, realizing the error, created the fog.

It was not until yesterday that I learned the truth.

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He found the party was rather slow.

It's nothing special.

This was an interesting book.

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I enjoyed the concert except that the hall was cold.

She drank a cup of milk.

The real issue is how to prevent the disease.


It took many years to build it.

I will not be able to open the box without breaking it.

Could the last one out turn off the light?

What are you going to be doing with that?

She works at the school.


It seems that everything works.

She lacks experience, doesn't she?

I'll just do it myself.


The pear tree in the garden bears a lot of fruit.


"Do you understand?" "No, I don't."


I wish I could tell you the reason, but I can't.


Tell me your names.


Cecilia is a really good student.

You have clearly laid out your ideas.

Ginny always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter.

You can make book on it that he won't help you.

Never play here.


I'm not even surprised.

Shame on you!

We've flown for about three hours.

She bought a handkerchief for ten dollars.

As is often the case with her, she broke her promise.

Can I offer you some cognac?

These things only happen to me.

I've been gone too long.

This is not at all what Edmond expected.

Take my hand.

This medicine is not a poison in itself.

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Also, those of you who don't have the chance to wear a 'kimono', go for it and wear one!

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He likes to sing in the bathtub.

Case appears to be nervous.

He says firefighting is a feast or famine job.


Is the audience listening?

All the food is organic and local.

I followed the rules.

The second question is needed to provide an answer to the first one.

He has taken to drinking recently.

When is Amarth coming back?

You know why we're here, don't you?

I know how persuasive Ellen can be.

Kuldip asked if anyone knew anything about Miki.

You should leave here at once.

She never really got over it.


My advice would be to go home.

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Your physical body will wear out and die one day.


Life in Boston is good.

The room emptied when the gong for dinner sounded.

Thanks for talking to me.

Can I start tomorrow?

The effect of gravity extends from each object out into space in all directions, and for an infinite distance.

I said that I liked Mosur.

Did you forget to wax the floor again?

The U.S. Department of Health says people should exercise at least two and a half hours a week.

When I was fifteen years old, I could speak five languages.

He mentioned it.

She doesn't have a babysitter, so she can't go to the party.


The plan was never implemented.


Great bait, mate, I rate eight out of eight.

However, these solvents were identified as carcinogenic.

Don't go near the fire.

You bought the ticket for the train?

At this time, we'd like to again sincerely thank all our friends and contributors, and encourage all our subscribers and concert-goers to join our circle of friends, in case they haven't joined yet.

If it weren't for you, God knows when we'd find out about their mistake.

Mr Iuchi has no one to fall back on.

We weren't hungry.

She stood out because she was wearing a red dress.

I'm pretty sure that I can do that by myself.

The overture contains of all the main themes.

This pocket watch is more than seventy years old.

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Don't underestimate us.

Our problem is how to get in touch with him.

There's someone behind me.

I'm going to need you later.

The house was deserted.

John has a natural bent for tennis.

I'm trying to play it off as best I can for now.

I would scream very loudly if I saw a scorpion in my room.

Tahsin said he would talk to Walt.

Waves are breaking against the rocks.

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We will purchase a new car next week.

I immediately recognized them and so did Vassos.

She had the box carried to the first floor.

You can't trust anything he says.

What'll you eat today?

Could you turn the music down?

Mike is prepared for any emergency.

I've had enough of Tolerant.

You can't be thirty years old.

Please wait until I'm ready.

My father used to write letters that quoted from Shakespeare.

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My body cried for sleep.

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I have way too much stuff.


I told you I have a girlfriend.

Thanks to all of you for coming.

He went to the library.


Kelvin has caused us a lot of trouble already.

Some wounds time never heals.

You guys should really be wearing gloves.

Charlie dyed his hair.

There are only three people in my family.

The first air striking unit consisted of 50 Zero fighters, 40 torpedo bombers and 81 dive bombers.

He is acquainted with the mayor.

How did that work out for you?

You can change your name if you have good reasons to. And I'm sure you have, Anne!

Isabelle lives in seclusion and rarely sees anyone.

You need to take a break.

She managed to back up through the narrow driveway.

He likes all vegetables except cabbage.


You shouldn't lie to her.

I want to sleep for a while.

One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.

Your nose is running.

It is nothing less than an invasion.


It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.

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I can't make out why he is so much troubled.

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A good many people have an interest in things American.

The deed is everything, the glory naught.

We went to high school together.

General Jackson organized the defense of the city.

I want to know why.

The heat is on the administration to come up with a new policy.

Do you have some paper or something?

Then, finally, she opened her mouth.

You must observe the rules of the club.

Isn't this what we're supposed to be doing.

It took the best part of my holiday to finish it.

Hume brought back some souvenirs.

A hundred minus ninety is ten.

My husband is a doctor.

Pierette worked for Serdar for a long time.

The stock market has dropped today.

One must not confuse homomorphism with homeomorphism.

Tanya made Stephen stop.

I assume you found him.

I don't get very many opportunities to talk with native speakers.

The Earth is flat.

He took a deep breath.

Oleg borrowed a large amount of money from Kolkka.

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They hid themselves in the shadows.

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As soon as he graduated, he went to work in his father's general store.