SAS Eliminator Season 15

Giving you new reasons to hate for the past decade...ish!

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What Is This?

SAS Eliminator is a free NFL game that allows you to play up to eight different game variants. At its core you can play eliminator, pick'em, or funbuck games. You can also create and join groups or compete against the world at large to demonstrate your prowess. Did we mention there's no money involved in any way? You have no excuse not to play!


Eliminator is a survival game. You choose one team each week that you expect to win. If you are correct you move on; if you are wrong you are eliminated. Should no user survive all seventeen weeks then the user with the least number of incorrect wagers will be the victor. You cannot bet on the same team twice so choose wisely.


In pick'em you must pick the winner of every game. Each week you'll make a pick for every game and at the end of the season the player with the least losses will be the victor.


You are given a supply of imaginary funds to bet on the spread, moneyline, or over/under of any game. You can also build up to 16-way parlays and bet your way to imaginary riches! Bet as many times as you want on as many games as you want every week.

Spread or Straight Up

Pick against Vegas! Can you still be right when we adjust the score by the spread? Or play standard straight up where all you need to do is win.

Regular or Reverse

Maybe you prefer to see the glass half empty? We've got you covered. Pick the losers instead of the winners by playing reverse instead of regular mode!