Fay is quite thin, isn't he?

This jacket fits pretty well.

Stefan won the International Chopin Piano Competition.

Lenny didn't like the way Dannie cooked vegetables.

He gave money to many.

Do you really think that'll help?

His conduct disappointed many of his friends.

I remember you often went to Betty's house to tea when you were a little girl.

Son didn't have any idea what he should do.

You think you're so smart.


Our company's first priority is meeting our customers' needs.

I'm anxious to see it.

This book is really difficult to finish reading in a week.


Let's make believe we are ninja.

She shooed him outdoors.

Are you just going to give up?


I couldn't quite tell exactly what the problem was.


You're too skinny! You need to eat more.

I passed the test with flying colors.

I think we're getting behind in this work.

Tal and Roxana got married this spring.

The announcement was made Monday.

I'd like to see Terry Tate.

Jerald and Kay laughed at me.


My plan is not socialist.

Harmon stared into Pim's eyes and kissed her.

He fired but missed.


You need to stop drinking.

Many Persian words exist in Turkish.

We agreed to share the housework.

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I'm taking good care of them.

I saw a dog crossing the street.

You look very beautiful.

Tim is afraid to go to the dentist.

I'll call by at the post office on the way home.

It was already late, but she left nonetheless.

They both want to say something.


I can't really put a price on that.

An old friend of mine dropped in on me for the first time in ages.

One day I had a phone call from a friend. "There's a nice little earner, won't you come round?" so I went to his house.

I have got some money.

Damon stormed out of the meeting.

You'll never finish translating sentences on Tatoeba.

I tried to talk to Randal about my feelings.


I drank two pints of beer.

But what do you think, are there really many spies among us?

My income and expenses aren't balanced.


She would go out in the heavy rain, though I tried to stop her.

Joshua decided to stay at Naren's.

Monty is lazy.

I'm the youngest child.

There's more to it than that.

Did Samuel see it?

I would kill for a plate of polo right now.

Don't cry, there's a dear.

He became world famous.


Hi everyone, I'm Kirk.

Christophe did it all.

Why didn't you warn us?

The newcomers cultivated the immense wilderness.

You will get a CD set on your birthday.

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Perhaps you'd better drive.

All the villagers know of the accident.

Walt will be there for a few days.


Look! They are leaving the house.

I hope you were able to sleep better than I did.

Gene is the closest friend I've ever had.

You must take advantage of the opportunity.

I'll let Florian know.

Has Beth transferred yet?

Who does Sedat work for?


You must go to Harajuku.

I'm being serious!

Tyler wanted to say more, but he couldn't.

The water's cold.

There she is!

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I love her because of how patient she is.

If you eat shaved ice very fast you will get brain freeze.

No one is going to hurt you.

He not only speaks English, he speaks French as well.

He brought his speech to an end.

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Dan wanted Linda to have an abortion.

New Hampshire has some beautiful hiking.

We are dying to know the details of his vacation.

There is no doubt that people prefer peace to war.

Can I sit next to them?

Not many people know how to keep an affectionate relation with their relatives.

I have been studying English for six years now.

He's been battling hepatitis for 6 months now, but it looks like he's just starting to recover.

I used to be able to sing that song.

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Please don't go to the trouble of coming to our office.


He's not breaking the law.

Sitting all day isn't good for you.

After years of womanising, Kinch finally settled down with Phiroze.


I know Toufic is planning to be there.


She's being tormented by her own conscience.


I warned him about the danger.

It's here.

The young man lives in an old house.


Terrence is the worst director ever.


Four babies are born every second around the world.

I wish you'd told me we were having company.

I saw Nikolai yesterday in a restaurant. He was talking to a girl.


Nathan said he loved me.


I saw Ramiro with Pradeep yesterday.

We've got lots of time.

I love my mother and she loves me.

I've never seen him around here.

She handed the parcel to the customer.


A sensible person is one who uses good sense.


Can I get another blanket?

Do you like the taste of truffle?

The fruit is in the basket.


It was believed that whales were fish.

It seems she hates you.

Betsy is not an idle boy any longer.


Helen got off at the next stop.

Swamy told me to make sure that Tareq was safe.

What have we overlooked?

I'll tell Lanny to meet you there.

He is thirty years old.


That's something you'll regret.


He probably knows I like him.

Ned was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.

You have to guess what it is.

The ship will touch at Yokohama and Kobe.

I hope things change.

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That's a waste of time.

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The only girl Shean ever really liked was Spencer.

Les asked Kay if she'd like a cup of coffee.

She is a snotty child.

The wind and the rain put out the fire.

We were just about to call you.

He's a dancer.

Do you actually think I'm going to do that?

I'm not racist, I just hate everybody.

Dorian is a danger to society.


I know it's hot.

My room must be a mess.

And our generation? Some have come to be parents, others have come undone, and still others have come to nothing.

I spent that day listening to the lonely scrapings of a pen. During that time, from time to time, I heard a Java sparrow twittering. It occurred to me that maybe Java sparrows twitter out of loneliness too. I walked out to the veranda to see. Nevertheless, flying to and fro between two perches busily and incessantly, it did not show the slightest hint of grievance.

She advised him to go home early.

Betty brought some roses and Jane some carnations.

This is our policy.

Masanao was scared stiff.

Because he is wealthy, he can go there.

We have to go now.

What can you make out?

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I'll tell Stewart you're looking for him.


I could sure use that money.

He'll leave for Tokyo tomorrow.

You have a lot of books.

She stood close to him.

The articles of incorporation have finally been completed for our Digital Groove Club.

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We must keep down expenses.

Rajeev didn't say anything important.

There was no sign of life in the house.

Tharen reminded Roxane that they could no longer have children.

Linder says that he has to go to Boston the day after tomorrow.


We stayed in our house and watched TV.

You should look out for potholes when driving.

Tell me where you were born.