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Welcome to the new Rule 21 Online Application Web Portal for electric generators.

It's easy: Submit your application anytime. You will receive a confirmation message that contains your application number.

New Smart Inverter Requirement (July 26, 2018)

Starting July 26, 2018, the CPUC requires that PG&E only accept applications with UL 1741 SA compliant smart inverters with the default setting for Volt Var set to "reactive power priority" for interconnection requests utilizing inverter technology. For more information about this requirement, visit 319-728-9702. Note: PG&E's interconnection portal will be periodically updated (as needed) to reflect the current list of approved inverters.

  1. Listed on the 843-685-8235 (this applies to Net Energy Metering/NEM applications only)
  2. Capable of being set to reactive power priority per UL-1741 SA certification, AND
  3. Set with default to operate in "reactive power priority" mode

Please note NEM2 changes:

  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project less than or equal to 1MW will be required to pay an application processing fee of $145.
  • NEM2 projects that are participating in the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program are exempt from the application processing fee.
  • Customers applying to interconnect a NEM2 project over 1MW will be required to pay for all interconnection study costs, including an $800 Interconnection Request fee per Rule 21 Section E.2.c.

PG&E is delighted to announce that effective 9/1/2018, applicants that submit an interconnection request requiring a payment of $145 (e.g. NEM2 projects -- NEM paired with Storage, Standard NEM Aggregation, Expanded NEM, etc.) will be able pay this fee via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of application submittal. NOTE: This payment integration only supports NEM 2 programs that require an application fee of $145. PG&E is currently assessing the expansion of this functionality to all other program types and payments. For more information, please consult the job aid located dita. For applications that do not meet the specified criteria, an invoice will be provided once the application is submitted and reviewed by PG&E.

After you submit your application, a PG&E representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.

If you are applying to interconnect a NEW solar or wind generator less than 30 kW, please apply to the Standard NEM online interconnection tool.

(731) 257-3464

PG&E recommends preparing all information and materials before starting the application. If the Interconnection Request is missing information or documents, PG&E will accept the application, but will deem it incomplete and provide a written list of deficiencies to the designated representative provided in your request.

Questions concerning PG&E's Online Application process can be directed to the Electric Generation Interconnection Department at rule21gen@pge.com.

Rule 21 Distribution Group Study Application Window

In accordance with PG&E's Rule 21 generator interconnection procedures, PG&E will open a Distribution Group Study (DGS) Application Window within the following schedule:

DGS Application Window Schedule
Opening Date Closing Date
DGS Cluster March 01 March 31
September 01 September 31

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