Where's the money now?

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It is clearly shown in Johnson's investigation that passive smoking is very harmful.

Where can you get the best fresh bread?

Would you mind telling me what you're doing in my apartment?

I'd like to use a safety box.

We tried to come to a compromise with them.

When was the last time you clicked on an Internet ad?

Catherine devoted his life to find a solution to the problem.


Will was guilty of spreading lies about Wolfgang.

We urged Ninja to go.

The plate slipped from my hands and fell to the floor.

He went to Atami for a change of air.

You should read the newspaper to follow the events.

Europeans are the largest consumers of alcohol in the world.

You should dress more modestly.

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All living things on earth depend one another.

I'm sure he has other skills.

The doctor concluded that her stomach pains were due to irritable bowel syndrome.


I was hoping you'd be reasonable.

All that's required is one injection and some electronic devices.

We're not leaving without Kaj.

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You're in quite a mood today.

The President suspended the constitution and imposed martial law.

I'll give her some flowers.

She knew it from the start.

Now that I am well again, I want to study space science in college.


I never have trouble sleeping.


This is good.

You had to ruin the moment, didn't you?

Do it quickly!

She likes word games.

Ricky didn't come all the way from Boston just to eat dinner with us.


It was a cat starved to skin and bones.

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There are a great many people trying buy houses.

They prayed that their mother would forgive them.


Liber would surely agree.

It gets worse every day.

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Little did I dream of hearing such a merry song.


Get out of my apartment.

How is this dish made?

I don't prefer to wear red lipstick.

He did all there was in his power.

Bit of a worry with the way she dotes on her brother, isn't it?

Airplanes are audible long before they are visible.

Jose was completely exhausted.

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I'm not sure, but I think I know what to do.

Standing as it does on a hill, the hotel commands a fine view of the bay.

Is there any hot water left?

I don't think Piete is well.

Does Patricio enjoy watching horror movies?

Michael is to be on a TV program tonight.

Orville got evaluated.

We associate the name of Darwin with the theory of evolution.

Don't vote for it.

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I will finish the entire book in four days.

You don't have to feel threatened.

Doyle reached over and took Svante's hand.

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I hate his hat.

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Please turn the lamp off before you go to bed.


Take a liberal view of young people.


I feel great about this.

This medicine will increase the survival rate of the patients.

I'm happy that I was born.

Christmas shopping is way too stressful.

I make a special point of avoiding that shop.

It's a waste of time to talk about it.

That's what everyone does.

Blair is a fussy eater.

You're very honest.

Griff was wanted for an illegal weapons possession.

I advise you to listen to them.


Rodney is interested in mathematics.

How wonderful would the world be if everybody were me!

We don't need anything else!

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Courtney pulled out his phone.

I had to go to the hospital.

She wrote to him to tell him that she couldn't come to visit next summer.

He wants a watch just like yours.

The boss wouldn't let us go home early.


We should never judge people by their appearance.

Sharan works long hours at the oil refinery.

Not everyone will understand.

The suffix "da" is added to the noun "araba" to give the meaning of "in the car."

Finish what you were saying.

It made my hair stand on end.

Someone may have to go help Chris.


I believe you know what I mean.

We want Ro to help Marilyn.

Please, show me these photos.

The pastor is nourished by the church.

Mickey is looking right at you.

I think my boyfriend is two-timing me.

Was Stuart asleep?

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If you're going to say it, you have to say it with force, and take away your opponent's ability to retaliate.


Esperanto is an international and easy language!

I got blind drunk last night - so drunk I don't even know how I got home.

She continued to talk coolly.

Mr White has gone to India.

The maid immediately cleaned the dishes from the table.

He was young and foolish.

Could I talk to you?

Nothing is more contemptible than respect that is based on fear.

Galen heard somebody yell his name.


It's been my dream since I was a little girl.

I couldn't get my car started.

What is two and two multiplied by two?


He glanced from one to the other, hoping for an answer.

"How many times have you eaten at that restaurant?" "Too many to remember!"

He doesn't know if that tree is real.

CouchSurfing is like speaking Esperanto, it's a dream coming true: the global village.

Oh! Thank you, my dear.


Josip and Sriram stopped kissing when John entered the room.

Elisabeth didn't get what he wished for.

How's that again?

Orville wanted to get back to work, but Linder wouldn't leave.

I think that's a really stupid idea.

The fans sought to shake the actress's hand.

rumour has it that he's the richest dude in this town


I believe that you will love it!

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Is there always a Chinese person next to you helping you type?!


Why are pandas so cute?


With whom did she speak?


In common usage, "spirit" and "soul" are often synonyms.

A bad habit, once formed, is difficult to get rid of.

It is mean of you to tell a lie about it.

I've got to get going.

Romain never knew his father.

Who's the author?

I'm older than you. You have to listen to me.

I'm not taking my eyes off them.

Would he like that?

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We were confident.

Didn't he go there?

Vickie was a bit jealous.

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Both Dan and Linda are my friends.

Milo died in a traffic accident.

Oleg waxes her legs every month.

That town is the center of the steel industry.

The castle is worth visiting.

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Many inmates on death row say they don't want to die.

The contest starts tomorrow.

Just because someone is older than you, it doesn't mean that they know more than you.

We adopted a baby.

They go into town every Saturday.

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The author is Brazilian.


Bert brought enough food to feed everyone.

Left to himself, the child would feel very lonely.

I do everything for myself.

Gil kept me waiting for a long time.

Fred was exposed to a wide variety of music as a child through his mother's vast record collection.

"Who died?" "His little dog."

If you keep early hours, you may always be fresh as a daisy in the morning.

My job keeps me busy. But my new apartment is cheap.

Only slackers fail if and only if the only unfair professors are on sabbatical.

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Stefan was the only one who ever tried to help.

What do you think they're planning?

Their divorce came as a complete surprise.

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Is it a boy or a girl?

It took me five hours to drive there.

If other conditions are equal, the temperature must be the most influential element in this experiment.