Weekly NFL Schedules

The 2016 weekly NFL Schedule was full of surprises, and excitement throughout the year. From the Dallas Cowboys shocking everyone and clinching a #1 seed in the playoffs led by two rookies, to Matt Ryan putting together a potential MVP season and taking the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl. It was a season loaded with incredible individual and team play throughout the league. That being said, we still have one game left on the agenda before we get to the 2017 NFL schedule, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

With the 2016-17 schedule almost finished, we focus on the final week of the NFL season, Super Bowl 51. The participants have been decided as the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will face off in a battle for the Lombardi Trophy and I don’t think many people would disagree that these are absolutely the two best teams in the NFL. The game will be played on February 5th at 6:30 PM.

This Week In The NFL - Super Bowl 51

337-429-9949We have made it through yet another incredible NFL season with the finale coming between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. Atlanta finished the season with the number one scoring offense in the NFL and have continued that trend into the playoffs as they have averaged a ridiculous 40 points per game in both of their playoff rounds thus far. Fortunately for the Patriots, they have the number one scoring defense in the league and will be looking to neutralize the many weapons the Falcons possess on offense. These two terrific units will make for some great Super Bowl prop bets as the game inches closer.

We can look forward to wagering on which unit will give up the first turnover, or which will be scored on first, it’s sure to be exhilarating stuff. With quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Tom Brady both being in the discussion for league MVP, you will likely see a lot of potential Super Bowl prop bets between them as well. Who will throw for the first touchdown in Super Bowl 51? Who will throw for more touchdowns? Who will throw the first interception? These are all examples of potential prop bets for the Super Bowl. That, plus so much more will be on the bill for the final week of the NFL season.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Proposition bets, or prop bets, are essentially just mini wagers that happen within games. When discussing football prop bets, you can choose between team, game, and player prop bets. Player props allow you to bet on a certain player’s statistics and outcomes like how many touchdowns or yards an individual might have, while team props are focused on the team as a whole. Some team props for the Super Bowl that you might see at some of the major sportsbooks are things like, which team will score first? Who will lead at the half? And more.

Finally, we have game props, which cover everything outside of player and team props. Things like, how many total points will be scored? or how many total turnovers there will be. You can also check out the novelty props at some sites. They allow you to bet on fun things like the coin toss, and what color the winning teams Gatorade will be. Props are a fun way to bet on the big game without being limited to just simply who will win.

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More Info About This Week's NFL Games

The tool below can provide a wealth of information about this week's NFL football games. We encourage you to explore it thoroughly because there is lots of hidden tidbits that can really help you especially if you fancy yourself as a betting fan. Below we have just a few of the things you can find by using this tool but it doesn't stop there... Please have a look and enjoy.

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