Good, right, yes.

We're looking out for them.

Mr Ogata, the author of this book, used to be a newspaperman.

I know that he can draw.

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You're not supposed to be in here.

I use Google almost every day.

The silence in the forest is restful.

I can't tell you who we are.

I didn't think you were going to make it.

He is kind in word and deed.

It's Brad's group.

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You're my new assistant.


The experiment has to begin.

Don't poke fun at foreigners.

We should do it, because it's right.

The magician's tricks surprised us.

I love this romantic music.

Butler looked under the bed to see what was there.

Damon knows better than to lie to me.

That you don't believe me is a great pity.

I couldn't spot her.

They got married three months ago.

I missed the arrival of Sinterklaas.

I have another two letters to write.

Have there been any calls for me?


I looked in the cupboard.

That was a shock.

What do I need this for?

Are we leaving now?

You'll love Janice.


The enemy fled in disorder from the battlefield.

I want to go there by myself.

It's all over for you.

Be alert when you cross a busy street!

Shark fin soup is commonly served at Chinese weddings and banquets.

Choose such friends as will benefit you, they say. That is why I am on intimate terms with Mr Aoki.

Don't panic!


Venus is also known as the Morning Star.

If life puts us on our knees, let's dance limbo!

You saved us all.


Brent can't afford the kind of rent they're asking for.

You should be reading Shakespeare's sonnets.

The writer is deep in thought.

Babies often fall down.

Where did it happen?

He is quite satisfied with his income.

Herb slipped and fell.


Fritz went back to the hotel.


The water there was so deep that I could not touch bottom.

That is the sort of job I am cut out for.

The boy throws a stone.

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This is technically impossible.

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Edward Bernays gives me the willies.

I am a very sad person.

Go to work, send your kids to school. Follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavements, watch TV. Save for your old age. Obey the law. Repeat with me: I am free.

I even remembered to bring an umbrella today.

The iron broke down due to over-heating.

I was stunned when the bomb blew in front of me.

Pete has good intentions.

They have sought after eternal youth.

She is overly competitive.


I'm afraid she will turn down my request.

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The president addressed his students as follows.


I don't have the option.


Do you want me to go up there?

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Sofoklis can hardly fit into the jeans he bought last year.

We need to decide when we'll move.

How many chairs have you broken so far?

You're just like me.

Thank you for waiting. One kid's meal and an ice cream soda.

Are you even listening to me?

Tony did not feel poor.

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William has three fingers missing on his left hand.


We had our chances.

She likes to read magazines.

Jared plays the piano better than I do.

He's a bad loser.

Cattle feed on grass.

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What, in particular, did Evelyn not like?

How much have you had to drink?

I want you to sign this.

He was looking for his daughter.

Anyone can do that.

Marek seems to be busy all the time.

I haven't had time to thank you properly.

That building was erected five years ago, I think.

How many of these did you buy?

Let me out of here.

Dogs are white.

I like your books.

One nail drives out another.

If you ever dare cross me again, you'll regret it!

Jean and Philippe are going to take a look.

His speech indisposed us to finish the work any more.

Let's hope there's no more vandalism.


Rodent is in the garden.


She saved her baby's life at the risk of losing her own.

Duke didn't seem very enthusiastic.

I used my windshield wiper to clean the snow on my window.


The race is tomorrow.

Last night, he saw a UFO in the sky.

The label is attached to the trunk.

The earth is blue. Like an orange.

She has brilliant experience working in theaters.


He still hasn't answered my letter.

You will follow Margie, won't you?

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you just said.

Your soul needs rescue.

They are eating sandwiches.

She is by no means stupid.

I'd like to talk about him.

Our new school building is under construction.

I think you might be too aggressive.

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I think Patricio is scared to talk to me.


Grace went shopping yesterday.


Don't forget to take an umbrella with you.

Karam is a new teacher.

He married a pretty girl.

I will try my best, whether I shall be successful or not.

The teacher taught them that the earth is round.

He couldn't help doing so in the face of opposition.

The matter is under investigation.

Can't we just get them to leave?

We can see Mt. Fuji over there.

I invited him to the party.

Call me whenever you want.

I want to talk to my lawyer straight away.

Frances asked some of his friends for their opinions.

Because he invited me.

Take things a little more seriously.

It makes no difference to me that Max has come.

I had a drink or two before you came.


I should go home and get some sleep.

Karen fell asleep at the wheel.

I feel like I'm stealing your sentences.

Hard work has carried him this far.

One way to lose weight is to eat less.


Kamel wore a black suit and tie.

Kurt kissed Ilya and left.

Brett sold all of his belongings.


Siping's book was translated into French.


I cannot wash my car. It's going to rain.

Who knows Susan is here?

Were you comfortable?


I think Alan is all right.


There's a hotel across the street.


My friend Art has twice as many stamps as I do.

I want you to find them.

I was caught in an evening shower.


He's asleep.

Angela was pleasantly surprised that more than 60 people liked the photo he put on Facebook.

Amanda can't manage on his own.

I have something else I need to give you.

I stepped on a piece of broken glass.

I was trying to remind something but I couldn't.

Suddenly I heard a commotion in the alley and went to see what was going on.


Saad is utterly obsessed with food. No wonder Ernest dumped him!

I'm not a coward, but I'm not stupid either.

Jef stopped looking for the treasure and went back home.

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Mike did it by himself.

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Did you feed the dog this morning?

Toby was off duty this afternoon.

The girl saw it, too.