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anti counterfeiting
Product Recalls
Forward tracing
Smart Insights
Trace to Origin
Trace to
smart contracts
anti counterfeiting
Product Recalls
Forward tracing
Smart Insights
Trace to Origin
smart contracts
Countering counterfeits

Smart tracking and end-to-end traceability of each unit ensures that counterfeits do not infilltrate the supply chain.

Product recall

Say goodbye to costly product recalls. We make product recalls easy as every unit is accounted for in the system.

Forward tracing

As a manufacturer, know where your products are. Get data about where sales happen. Ensure that unauthorised sales do not take place.Track the path of the product from your warehouse along all points of sale up to the end consumer. Set up notification to detect and prevent unauthorised sales.

Smart insights

valUchain™ delivers actionable analytics that empower all stakeholders of the supply chain. Actionable analytics empowers astute decision making and timely action to ensure business success.

Trace to origin

Trace how a product reached you. You can see the path the product took to reach you from the moment it was manufactured. Track the path of the product from the point of origin,with all relevant details.

Smart contracts

Irreversible and trackable contracts between you and your trading partner are executed automatically.Automatically execute contracts with trading partners. Contracts are trackable, permanent blockchain records.

trace to origin

Trace to origin

Through transformations

Trace a product to its fundamental raw materials through transformation processes.Trace each unit to individual farms/factories.Track grading, re-packing, and all logistics that impact the provenance of each product.

Easy product recalls

Through forward traceability

As undesirable as they are, product recalls are inevitable. Our proactive solution, simplifies product recalls by tracking and accounting for every unit in the supply chain.


Actionable analytics

Empowering all stakeholders of the supply chain

Advanced analytics from valUchain™ provide your business with smart insights. Get actionable intelligence to improve your business operations. Our AI has a direct positive impact on your efficiency and profitability.

Making trust implicit

Through smart contracts and blockchain integration

Trust is ingrained in the very fabric of valUchain™. Automatic execution of smart contracts, enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain, and fraud prevention are the basic building blocks of valUchain™.

smart contracts

Automate your business

Grease your economic wheel

Automate your business processes. Automate everything from trading partner management, stock management and order management to warehouse and logistics management.

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