Skiing is fun.

I want you to run to the store for me.

Let's see if we can find out where Son went.

My son likes to play with cars.

Have you ever smelled this perfume?

What do you usually wear to work?

Dirk is just as old as I am.

The week in Russia has been awesome.

Dan checked in at a local motel.

We can't move.

He didn't participate in the discussion.

The victim's name hasn't been released.

Would you please show me another one?

He said he had bought that book there the day before.

I nearly starved.

Really? I want to go there very much. I like Renoir very much.

Francois was hiding behind the door.

Your soul can be outside your body; don't assume that it's inside.

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We can trust Rich.

I've been trying to cheer Walt up.

I have a brief statement.

To rob Peter to pay Paul

School begins on the April 8th.

For the next class, I want you to transcribe the lyrics from a song by any singer as long as it's in English.

We're working on the problem.

She felt a sigh of relief when she got the work done.

He built hospitals and helped the people of Africa improve their lives.


Sharon kissed Loukas and then Glynn returned his kiss.

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Bulla, who knows who I am!

What makes you think I don't like your friends?

I wanted to write myself a little note.

His songs were very popular with young people.

I haven't taken a shower in three days.


Everyone is waiting for them.


Danielle pulled into the parking lot.

We're not about to let you die.

It's a pity I didn't wait for your reply before I added the sentences.

When Qi follows the Way, there is life. When there is life, there is thought. When there is thought, there is knowledge. When there is knowledge, one stops. In all cases, the forms of the mind are such that transgressive knowledge leads to a loss of life.

This sidewalk is a lot narrower than the one across the road.

This TV doesn't come with an HDMI cable.

It's fairly warm today.

How long ago was Brazil discovered?

I won't go to Australia.

Your arms are longer than mine.

I always have coffee and toast for breakfast.

"Are you friends with Naren?" "Yes, he's my boyfriend."

He decided to submit his resignation.


I'll help you.

He takes the attitude that resistance is a waste of energy.

Is eating raw eggs safe?

That's all I wanted to know.

Everything depends upon the results.

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Ravindranath recommended me.

Shakil didn't miss a thing.

I can't speak French as well as Jeannie can.

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Heidi is concerned about his health.

It is no wonder that she didn't want to go.

The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.


Hear me out.

Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange.

I knew I felt something.


That man is one cunning devil!

They are eating a sandwich.

He was told to get off at the station.


I took the book.


Don't try to hide it.

What should we have for dinner?

This watch is less expensive than that one.

Garbage harbors vermin.

I wish you didn't have to leave.

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I couldn't understand why Gordon wanted to leave.

I hope we're not bothering you.

These are turbulent times.

Have you seen the film before?

Just exactly what do you expect me to do?

The movie is not so interesting as the original.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer.


Now, let's turn to work.


They became famous after the accident.

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They're very capable.

I'll give you what you want.

Sanford wants to kill us.


I'm doing the speed limit.


Carthage must be destroyed.

Roland seems to be involved with Ramesh.

I had a premonition.

They arrested Cary.

Manolis borrowed my ruler.

I'll call at seven.

Could I place this here?


They debated closing the school.

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Traveling abroad is very interesting.

Begin to change this.

Am I mistaken?

Jeannie lives near the beach.

It's absolutely beautiful.


The students were all looking forward to summer vacation.

Juri can't do it all himself.

In the evening I went out on safari again, at night I fell asleep hearing the grunting of the hippos.


Cleanliness is a virtue.


Should we start now?


I prefer to text.


I thought you read my resume.

Where will all this end?

I don't recognize this shirt. Whose is it?


I've always had a fear of flying.


Jef chopped a tree down.

I got that from her.

Evelyn hasn't realized his mistake yet.

We trained hard for the game at first.

He has all but finished the work.

It's hard to speak Turkish for me.

I like your room.


The samurai decapitated his opponent in one fell swoop.

A man I didn't know was walking back and forth in front of my house.

Based on my observation of the movement of particle D, I modify the system so that three possible exits exist.

Specular image holds an important place in Lakan's theory of the Imaginary.

I wanted to feel comfortable.

She's playing Super Mario Bros.

Eric thought Dimetry's skirt was way too short.

Let's climb that mountain to see it.

Does anyone know where I could find one?

She greets him every morning as he enters the school building.

Are these bananas ripe?


I cannot smile at Taninna. She doesn't like me.


I walked as slowly as I could.


Olof was there that night.

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Are you sure you don't want to go see a doctor?

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Several men are fishing from the riverbank.


How come pumpkins are traditional on Halloween?


Rabin resigned with immediate effect.

They will probably have many psychological problems as a result, and that would be worse in the long run.

Just bring me the ink, will you?

They say that he's still alive.

You see everything in black colours.


Are we nearly there yet?

The police have no grounds to hold Vladimir.

Why tell them anything?

At the end of 2012, the Belarusian president re-introduced serfdom by forbidding the workers of Borisovdrev to quit their jobs.

Diana never complained about anything.

You don't have a temperature.

Son didn't know that.

I asked for their approval.

Let's celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss.

Because of illness, he was obliged to give up smoking.

Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.

They are making for the forest.

This book will be useful to anyone who wants to improve their memory and logical thinking.

Did Lenora see that?

You're an amazing dancer.


I'm putting together a team to hunt him down.

We imagine the impression others have of us

We should've stayed home with Phil.


You shouldn't make fun of us.

Yours is there on the other side.

I'm surprised that Boyd doesn't know how to speak French.

I'm trying.

As always, there's nothing to worry about.

It's a way of making sure that the controller is not too aggressive.

Vic has ripped abs.

Oscar has been urging me to join the army.

I love that museum.