I knew that Scot knew Kathryn.

This university was founded by Lex Jackson thirty years ago.

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Boyce was the last person to see Sorrel alive.

A-ha-ha-ha! What a blunder!

Marci didn't want to be found.

She was offended by something.

That's a good story, Takeuchi.


We've already been through this.


Cut the red wire.

The doctor said you shouldn't scratch your wounds.

Randolph caused this.

Rack your brains a little harder.

He sprinted to catch up to them.

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Kari's friends were all laughing at me.


He has no house in which to live.

Raj was involved in a street brawl.

Don't gripe about petty stuff like this!


You have it all wrong.

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They're all grinning at them.


Is this the way to the station?

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In spite of his tight schedule, Hirofumi always has time to spend with his children.

It was stupid of me to make such a mistake.

That actually happened.


What time shall we arrive at Sapporo if we take this plane?


"How are you?" "I'm great, and you?" "I'm great also, thanks!"

I've won first prize!

Tell Donn I'm not going to do what he asked me to do.

We're not going to help Jeanette.

Don't let the enemy get close.

That's an open secret.

Give yourself plenty of time.

It was a deplorable accident.

Dresses are on sale on the top floor.


I was appointed to section chief.

There's no point in going to the beach if it's going to rain.

The boy passed the examination with success.

So tell me, what do you think?

I hope to see you sometime.

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What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?


We just ate dinner.

Isn't Straka supposed to be helping Butler wash the car?

Do you want to stop him?


We're having cold cuts for supper.

The perpetrator could almost completely remove all traces.

They had hardly started when it began to rain.

Bad as it was, it could have been worse.

In our society, there are both honorable people and swindlers.

Dan threatened to send Linda back to the mental hospital.

This is difficult for you to understand, isn't it?

We plan to invite both Aimee and Noemi.

It was a silly mistake.

Help yourself to a drink.

It's hard to get a sense of closure when your ex doesn't want to speak to you.

What's behind the wall?

Christofer has been going out with Briggs ever since they met at a fourth of July picnic last summer.

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His hands are never still.

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Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.


Joe knew Leila wasn't very hungry.

Please give me the exact address.

He engaged in incest with his younger sister.


I knew Clyde would accept our offer.

I am willing to help you.

They are going to launch an artificial satellite tomorrow.


Old people are inclined to look back on the past.

It's a child that is eating meat.

He is hostile to the proposal.

The views of the two politicians collide violently.

I am not now in a position to help you.

Please listen to reason.

I know Ricardo wouldn't leave me stranded.

You seem to already know the answer.

I wasn't doing anything wrong.

It's hard to imagine a family more dysfunctional than ours.

I was wondering if you'd mind if I smoked.


Which is better, red thread or white thread?

This lesson is endless!

I say this not because of me.


His house was sold for ten thousand dollars.

I pretended to be friends with her.

Alberto couldn't understand Jeremy at first.

I didn't want to cry in front of Cecilia.

His argument has many inconsistencies.

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Please help yourself to the cookies.

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I only wanted to do some good.


She plays poker with them.

Tell them you can't do it.

I don't understand why.


I could hear Vladislav and Marla laughing.


Prepare your men. We're heading out at dawn.

That is not art. That is a vagina with teeth.

The hospital was far away from his village.


You didn't see this one coming, did you, Sangho?

I can't get anyone to assist me.

In this country, everyone spies on everyone else.

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Let Tran speak.

Kent measured the windows for new drapes.

I see how dangerous it is.

These people of the remote future were strict vegetarians, and while I was with them, in spite of some carnal cravings, I had to be frugivorous also.

Brender said he wanted to talk to me.

I come from Beijing.

He held a gun to my head and ordered me to dance Gangman Style. I had no choice but to obey.

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Company attorneys are working around the clock to complete the merger.

The excessive presence of the English language does not contribute to an equal and fair debate.

This is as good as it gets, kids.

She isn't old enough to get a driving licence.

What are you doing in a dark place like that?

Narendra allowed Spy to kiss her.

Americans like football in the same way that Japanese like baseball.

I should've known you'd be here.

You've got to hide.


Happy are they that go to bed with grave music.

The prisoner broke away from the guards who were holding him.

Do you own a computer?

This book is a good guide for beginners.

Duncan forgot to release the brake.


Formerly this building was a hospital.

My parents caught me smoking.

I find myself falling for her.

What do you expect to find?

My opinion is irrelevant.

I've got to say goodbye.

Are you getting divorced?

As you are tired, you had better rest.

I've already tried three different approaches.

I have enjoyed myself very much.

Shane's a great journalist.


You should be careful not to do too much.

I doubt if Pat is single.

This morning I got a telegram from home saying that my father had been suddenly taken ill.

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LISA will look for gravitational waves from stars and black holes.

The soldier kept a sharp lookout in the darkness.

Hurry up, or it will start raining.

Her first appearance on the stage was in 1969.

He is so old that he cannot walk quickly.

When was the last time I saw him?

Martyn burped loudly.

Young people don't respect the experience of their elders.

Can you believe them?


I wash myself, this being sensible in the case that I am dirty.


Jorge is the only one of us who isn't Canadian.


The connector road was backed up because of an accident and it took an hour to get home.

I was also invited.

I thought I'd give it another try.


You were right before.


I'm highly motivated.

May I speak with you for a moment?

I haven't had time to fully discuss the plan with Mann.

Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.

Many businesses were plundered during the riots.

Glen changed his mind about going out with Sanjeev and stayed home.

You'd better get Sandip ready to go to school.

Shall we talk about it over a cup of coffee?

I was at a loss what to do on that occasion.

Your dog seems to be very involved in the progress of that squirrel across the lawn. I hope she's not planning to attack it.

I thought you wouldn't like Boston.


What's in the file?

He is close to the president.

It seems that you're not having fun in here.


Close the book.