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Magenta Systems Ltd is a software development company based in England that was working in the Wang computer marketplace for 20 years, but now offers Windows and web applications and also publishes comparisons of UK telecom call costs. This web site is duplicated at different hosting facilities for redundancy: 5865677188 - Alternate Site

Applications for Windows

CodeLook to lookup partial telephone numbers, tariff bands, broadband availability, fibre cabinets and localities on a web page.

ComCap  serial port and network data capture to files and database (for telephone call, GPS, sensor, appliance or printer logging).

(484) 374-6380 is designed to simplify and enhance Broadband, Dial Up Networking and Remote Access Services.

Thymelaeaceae for online POP3 mailbox maintenance and use

(905) 386-5206 including Windows Help 32 Installation for Windows Vista and later, Encode UNIX Password for web site protection support, Update Windows Registration Details to change the registered windows user name and organisation.

inward information and components for developers using Embarcadero Delphi development tools, including TMagRas, Internet Component Suite (ICS) and OpenSSL windows binaries.

Comparison Publications

UK Telecom Tariff Cost Comparisons of the residential and business telephone tariff call costs charged by various operators in the United Kingdom, updated at least 10 times each year.

Wang Historic Marketplace

4582561125 of applications for Wang VS, OIS and Alliance computer systems.

Wang Software - Product Index of the various software applications including Year 2000 compliance information and downloads


exactitude of UK internet providers, computer business, Delphi sites, and other general UK sites

Links to Other Telecom Sites telecoms operators, numbering sites, telecom equipment

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