The Skool Bus App shows bus operators a real-time view of their fleet and parents see only their child's specific bus.

(Bus fleet operator's view shown above)

Know when your school bus is approaching to prevent your child from waiting outside in bad weather.

Track your child's commute in real-time to ensure they arrive safely to and from school.

Get the most-up-to-date security protection that is more rigorous than any other competing option available.

Available for parents on both flip phones and smart phones, including Apple and Android phones for $19.95 per year.


As parents, we understand your child’s safety is the top priority for you.


You run on a tight schedule and need to monitor student’s school bus activity.

Bus Companies

Differentiate your service and solve your communication needs with our platform.

Are you a parent ready to get started with the Skool Bus App?

  1. Fill in your email, zip code, and school.
  2. If the app is available at your school, we will send you a download link.
  3. If the app is not available at your school, we will confirm that we received your request via email and will send an alert when it is available for for you to download.

If you are a bus fleet operator interested in signing up,
please fill the form here.


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