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July 8th, 2018
Utica, NY

Finish Time – 1:20:42


When I first started getting excited about running again this past winter, I was looking for races I could potentially do during this year. Having a few runner friends at work, I was given a few recommendations of fun races. One of which was the Boilermaker. A 15k in Utica, NY, the Boilermaker is famous for its strong crowd support, hilly course, and impressive post-race party. I was assured that the run ending at the Saranac Brewery made for a great time, and was easily convinced. Free beer? Sign me up.

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For the third consecutive year I tied up my laces and ran for my company in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge. A race of 10,000 entrants (many of whom are walkers) this inevitably turns into a bit of a cluster, and this year certainly did not disappoint on that front. It didn’t help that barriers were put up along the side of the road for the opening half a mile, which also goes up hill, preventing runners from stepping onto the sidewalks. Combine an event full of non-runners who may not be familiar with etiquette, and an opening uphill half mile with little space, and the end result is fairly predictable. LOTS of weaving, and at times coming to a crashing halt, trying to navigate through a mass of walkers who started upfront.

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