Our approach to managing student behavior is to recognize and control bullying at the school/classroom level. As educators and counselors, we play a large role in fostering each student's unique and special qualities, and promoting that individuality each brings to the group. Students will learn activities that promote a positive and safe learning environment for everyone.

Through the Summer Scholars Enrichment Program in Denver (2011), the Be A Friend, Make A Friend Enrichment Curriculum was initiated at 5 elementary schools. One week at each school introduced the children to a number of different topics:

  • What is bullying and what does it look like?
  • Chose your Life: What should be your response to bullying?
  • If I were in charge. Students imagine being the principal of their school.
  • The Truth is Told.
  • Where does bullying happen in our school?
  • The No Blame Game.
  • Stop, Think and Do ~ 3 simple steps in dealing with a bully.

In conjunction with the didactic classroom portion of the project, the program includes doing eye-hand/feet exercises in the gym and introduced eye-hand/feet exercises that would strengthen their mental-toughness in support of self-control, self-responsibility and self-reliance.

For students

Bullying is not reported because younger students

  • Believe they deserve it
  • Want to fit in
  • Don’t recognize it as bullying
  • Are embarrassed
  • Don’t want to appear weak
  •

    For Parents

    It seems like EVERY day there is something in the news about child obesity....suicide, use
    of technology and the challenging encounters facing our children."


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide effective related skills focusing on safeguarding our community and self. Our vision is to build a healthy and safe environment which fosters self-confidence and self-reliance that can be passed down from adults to adolescents to kinder-aged children.


    What they say . . .

    "A lot of kids are afraid to say STOP."  NerTar, 5th grade student.

    "I liked doing the self-control excercises."  Judith, 4th grade student.

    "Don't let anyone bully you."  Adjey, 3rd grade student.

     "Our kids enjoyed Be a Friend, Make a Friend skill building exercises."

    RJ, Summer Scholar Enrichment Staff.


    In the news

    According to the National Education Association, it is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. The data indicates:

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