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Expandble sleevings PET, PA6, PA66, PPS braided expandable sleeving in different color and pattern.
519-878-3923 Glass fiber braided sleeving impregnated silicone, acrylic, polyurethane; Voltage resistance: 1.5kv, 2.5kv, 4kv, 7kv, 28kv
unbemoaned With adhesive-lined & without adhesive-lined;shrink ratio: 2:1,3:1,4:1
437-987-2742 PTFE extruded tube, PTFE heat shrinkable tube with shrink ratio 2:1/4:1
PVC tubes PVC non-shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tube with shrink ratio 2:1
Silicone rubber tubes Silicone rubber extruded tube, silicone rubber heat shrink tube with shrink ratio 2:1/ 1.7:1


Welcome to Shenzhen Guangda Insulation Materials Co., Ltd We manufacture and supply insulation materials and electrica l products over 20 years. The organization of production and logistics, coupled with the reactivity of commercial services, allow us to respond very quickly to the needs of small and medium customers, as well as large companies like Osram,Philips, Toshiba, etc. Our products include PTFE tubes,Silicone tubes, PVC tubes, Heat shrinkable tubes,expandable braided sleeving and glass fiber braided sleeving. The products listed on our website are standard, most are available ex-stock. We also manufacture a diverse range of customerspecific products if you cannot find aproduct to suit your requirements, please send us an enquiry and we will endeavour to offer a solution.Thank you for taking an interest in our company and products. "Quality is measurable;We realize it & We deliver it.”


CelineI’m very happy to cooperate with Shenzhen Guangda Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. After long-term cooperation, I totally believe in the company and the product quality. Thanks for their support and considerable service.

–Celine, from Thailand.

sergeyI purchase PTFE tube so many times, it is very fast shipping, good and accurate product; got them fast and as usual very good condition , all work great, all is great and love these tubes, Obviously this is a five star of quality suppliers, we will certainly buy again Guangda products, I wish you the business is thriving!  –Sergey, from USA

NelsonThrough five years of cooperation, we know Guangda have more deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions, let us in front of customers won more honor.
—-Nelson, from France