Marla agreed to meet Nate at a local restaurant.

That's what they want you to believe.

I spoke so slowly so that the children might understand me.

It's a gamble.

We went shopping.

We have to figure out what this all means.

They will debate the question tomorrow.

Did you read the instructions?


That guy took the best for himself.

You're right about one thing.

When did you first notice that your wallet was missing?

Saumya is married with a three-year-old daughter.

Maybe Sanford should stay here with Orville.

None of us speaks French.

Within the village, Lynn was known as a con man.

Don't misuse this product!

Love began to grow between the two.

I didn't dream in the night.

They'll get married next month.

What did you do it for?

Kay and Kent like to play badminton.

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I skipped one.

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Rudy died from TB.

Jochen and Harris probably don't know each other.

I feel like I could sleep all day.

Beth said he needed some more time.

Kuldip and I are both in the same class.


I would have taken care of him if I had known that he was ill with a fever.

He doesn't have much money.

I'm sorry, but my answer is no.

Can I help translate the website into other languages?

Sanjeev suffers from erectile dysfunction.

No one knows why we were there.

The girl kindly told me the way to the museum.

We had an agreement. You broke it.

I pretended to have an affair on purpose because I was angry with you and Cliff but in truth I only loved Liz.

I have to get home.

He is an honor to his family.

Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

I'll do my best to have it ready on time.

The medicine made me very sleepy.

Evening was closing in on the valley.

The woman was sitting between two men.

Let the others write in English and write in your own language.

I have some friends in the police department.

Did you receive his invitation?

Hey, that's what I've been saying all along.

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Don't try and stop me.

Tomorrow, it'll be worse.

Jisheng shivered convulsively.


My faith in the next generation is increasing.


I can't discuss that with you.


The various dialects of China are what 'Chinese' really is.

Milk is nasty.

Skeeter is a bright student.

Liyuan has a plane to catch.

He sends us flowers.

I politely turned down his offer and hung up.

Where's my diary?


She sat on the bank.

Tuna unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.


The scar shows clearly.

Dawn didn't like that very much.

We're going to protect you.


Would you mind reading a bedtime story to Kyung?

I really think you'd like Bernie.

About 600 languages are in process of extinction, because of English.

If I do that, Pim will laugh at me.

You're wrong again.


You must keep calm!

Between a rock and a hard place.

Inshallah, soon we'll be home.

Everything has to be perfect.

He keeps harping on about declining standards in education.


Why should I give you this?

We must carry out the plan at once.

Give my love to Rudolf.

The rent is due tomorrow.

What makes you so sure Bradley was the one who stole your bicycle?

What an exciting experience!

Jan didn't say very much.


He looks to his uncle for advice whenever he is in trouble.

I'm not allowed to go to Chet's house.

Is this jasmine tea?

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I'm not perfect.

Saturn is surrounded by over 1000 rings made of ice and dust. Some of the rings are very thin and some are very thick. The size of the particles in the rings range from pebble-size to house-size.

Gideon made the same mistake again.

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They carried the injured man out on a stretcher.


My new course starts today.


I should learn French.

Are you sure of that?

I have eight brothers.

Jerome doubts if Larry will come on time.

Give me back my book. I need it again.

Go get yourself some sleep.

Mother likes tea, while I like coffee.

Have you went to Krasnodar before? It is a very popular resort for Russians, what, with all the beaches and the endless Black Sea.

She is rather poor at tennis.

I don't want fruit.

An alligator snapped his arm off.

Taxis stood in a rank in front of the station.

The ice is very thick.

There is one thing I don't understand.

Let's hang out at our hangout.

Can you please go for me?

You need to respect Jerald's privacy.

I'll tell you exactly what to say.

Do you wash your dog every day?

Let's play baseball with everyone.

Sorry, I am late.


Our house is conveniently located.

The whole family was there.

My brother and I went to see John off at the airport.

I find it difficult to believe that you of all people have come to this place.

The boy was afraid of the dark.


He was very busy all day.

I'm not amused.

I'm convinced Doyle killed himself.


You need to hit the gym.

Have you worked out the answer yet?

He owes his wealth to good luck.

Mann sang better tonight than he usually does.

Can't you see Torsten is in agony?

All the family set off on the trip.

Srikanth told me Oliver cooked dinner for him.

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The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Saying that you would rather learn Spanish than Esperanto is like saying you would rather run a marathon than go for a Sunday walk; of course you end up doing neither.

I'm calling the police.

Australia is not Austria.

I think Julia said he'd be staying in Boston for three weeks.


Marci hasn't yet done what he promised he would do.

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Who did you learn French from?

He is suffering from a mental illness that can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, and bouts of uncontrolled aggression. This is a form of psychosis which is generally known in common parlance as "love."

German is the best language in the world.

The dog sniffed the ground.

Santa Claus is not for sale.

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Would you like to hang out at my place?

He was groggy from too much wine.

I am so busy that I don't watch TV.

You can't possibly win.

Billie pretended not to understand what Saify was saying.

Take this.

He's a late developer.

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Let's buy something for you to wear to the party.

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We are not speaking.


Vladimir waited patiently for Reiner to arrive.

The old man is near death.

I should give them a call.

It was only a kiss on the cheek.

What are you doing up at this hour?


Sue was compassionate.

The fine isn't very high.

I wonder if the teacher works here.

Do you know how you're going to stall Miek?

Jennifer didn't tell Glen to do that.


What has happened to him?


The best is often the enemy of the good.

Don't spit into the wind.

May I use the phone?


Apollo 16 brought back a large number of lunar rocks and soil samples.


For a bribe, a traffic policeman agreed not to take away a driver's license.

Something frightened us.

If he were given another chance, he'd do his best.

Terrace farming is widely practiced in the mountainous regions of China.

Allen is on his way to the airport.