We have to pick those apples right now, otherwise they'll decay.

When did he fall ill?

That's what I need to do.

Police are seeking witnesses to the armed robbery of a fast food outlet at 11 o'clock last night.

Shoppers crowded the streets.

Can you stay a minute?

She asked him to read it for her because she had lost her glasses.

The chances of dying from falling airplane parts are 30 times greater than the chances of being killed by a shark.

Antonio had to perform 100 hours of community service.

He teaches French in New York.

I will join a golf club.

You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be funny.


I enjoyed myself a lot.

I ate at the side of my friend.

Love and desire are two different things; for not everything that is lovely is desired, nor everything desired worthy of one's love.

I didn't make it myself.

When the war was finished, few soldiers returned home.

I feel guilty about having told a lie.

On the whole, the elite are not sensitive to criticism.


What results do you anticipate?

He fired blanks.

Let's let her try that again.

Unable to accomplish the task by himself, he turned to me for help.

Did Harris say how soon Luke could leave?

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There are a lot of sights in Kyoto.

I'll be right up.

They could've walked away.

Tanya wanted this.

My physical power has decayed.

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The real dreamer is he who dreams of the impossible.

He seems to be a typical American boy.

He is a great scholar, but lacks what is called common sense.

Lyndon took the framed photo off the mantelpiece and took a closer look at it.

The cost of building the railroad was very high.

Larger pirates often preyed on unarmed merchant ships.

Real women have curves.

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.

Jaime cut Hitoshi's hair.

May I request a favour of you?

I get the feeling that Rik doesn't know what he's doing.

Takeuchi wants to move back to Boston.

This never happened to me before.

Girls criticize each other.

We still don't know anything about two ships.

Sharada didn't respond right away.

I've never trusted you and I never will.

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The fruit of this tree is good.

She wastes all her money on clothing.

This pear is green.

I do agree with you entirely, Sir.

I don't want to interrupt them.


I pass by Jayesh's house on my way to and from school.


Squirrels like to eat nuts.


Why can't I own Canadians?


It takes a long time to convert.

The English entered into the tea trade at that time.

Lucie isn't here. She's doing her good deed of the week.


Are you feeling tired?

A BLT sandwich is made up of bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

I've always been told that men would be my downfall.

Per went downtown.

It wasn't much of a party.

You are loved and missed throughout the world, man.

The per capita consumption of rice of Japanese people is about half of what it was fifty years ago.

Ninja will be waiting for you.

That's probably what they'll say.


When I was a kid, mum used to darn our socks when they got holes in them. Nowadays, most people just throw them away and buy a new pair.


This kind of shoe is apt to slip on wet ground.

It was so dark that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

That was freaky.

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Coal is not always black.

It's been a chaotic week.

Syed doesn't like being told what to do.

What's the nature of your complaint?

I need a word with him.

Is there any more water?

It's popular among the elderly.

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She showed me her new car.


You never get my jokes.


That is sure.

I am having a look at it.

Tell Brian I love him.

I'll run your idea by the boss, see if he's interested.

Since then, they met up every afternoon at the pier, had breakfast together, had dinner, took walks and admired the sea.

Like I told you yesterday, I'm too busy to help.

You don't dress yourself.

I'm willing to pay whatever's necessary.

Make yourselves comfortable.

Please don't cry.

I thought your remark was interesting.

How do you like that?

Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city.

He removed his wet socks.

He gave me what little money he had about him.

Does somebody feel unwell?

A goatherd drove his goats, all white with snow, into a deserted cave for shelter.


Maybe Mwa can tell us more.

The Atlantic Ocean is very big.

The whole mountain turns red in autumn.

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I could have someone find out that information for you.


All at once, something happened.

That was pitiful.

Why does luck hate us?

Seems I'm the only one.

Emily is drinking cola.

I live about an hour from the station.

I have just finished my work.

Let's see what tonight will bring.

What did you just say to them?

One of the two puppies running along the pram kept trying to catch the rotating left front wheel of the pram with its mouth, seemingly thinking it was a ball it could play with, and it was a miracle it did not hurt itself in the process.

This is the best seafood restaurant in the neighborhood.


Marian is wearing a black leather jacket, a purple scarf, and purple pants.The outfit looks great on her.

Conrad accepted the inevitable.

I can't just give you this.

I'll take this trail.

He put new film into his camera.

Don hid some papers behind his back.

I'll see him tomorrow night.

Go find something else to do.

You're the only one I can trust to do the right thing.


I watched a tennis match on TV.

We didn't find them.

The bandits ran away when they heard the police siren.

It will be reported when he is coming to Japan.

He listened to his old punk records nostalgically.

Matthieu is planning on entering the competition, right?

You're reading too much into things.

Mother removed mud from his shoes.

Even in the case of a major disease, hope is a good weapon.

Her new boyfriend is black.

He caught the cord.

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Liz didn't even notice that Ning had left.


Stand up and introduce yourself, please.

Nobody slept.

Take me to them.


I'm twice your age.

I know how tiring that can be.

She wasn't wealthy enough to feed her dog meat every day.


Slartibartfast made the right choice.

I think that globalization has negative effects as well as positive.

Lum and Christofer both nod in agreement.

You're a wise person, Jarvis.

I want to speak with my lawyer, now.

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He gave her an approving nod.


This restaurant is particular about cutlery.

What are you going to get?

Chinese diver Chen Aisen earned a perfect score on his last dive.


Did you hear about what happened?

Let's turn off the telly.

I've been having strange dreams.


We're in this together, right?

I don't date women I work with.

The machine has stopped functioning.

Don't let that happen again!

Shall we walk or drive?

I see no reason to tell Mat anything.

Do everything you can to be happy.

Stop being nosy.

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled something burning.

When are you flying back to Boston?

I'll never treat you the way Tim treated you.

Are you going to save us?

He is the last man to submit to authority.

People don't tend to like Sundays, but I do.

Would you mind explaining this?

It all started on a hot summer night.

What you said convinced him.

Hirotoshi's hands are dirty.

I got fired from the company, but since I have a little money saved up, for the time being, I won't have trouble with living expenses.

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That's how I know you love her.