Vampires must drink blood to survive.

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You definitely should not skip this step.

Japan is not as large as Canada.

Please complete the attached job application form.

Why did Herb leave you?

Do you want me to inform Travis about our decision?


Renu went back into his office.

He never seems to feel the cold.

Do your parents know that you're pregnant?


The thieves entered by the window.


Where were you writing?

Don't tell me it's OK if it's not really OK.

Matti is doing his best to stay out of trouble.

On account of an accident, I was late for school.

I would rather sing than dance.

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It was only when the fog lifted that we noticed that we had slept on the edge of an abyss.


Are you going to wait?

This photo was taken in Nara.

You need have a good microphone because we care about sound quality.

It will rain tonight.

He likes jazz.


She fainted when she heard the terrible news.


Life is one big circus.

The policeman grabbed the boy's arm.

Why are you dressed up?

Has the boss ever asked you to work on Sundays?

Maybe Chip is trying to tell me something.

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Don has a whole pile of unpaid parking tickets.

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This time you were lucky.

I was with him in January.

He won't beat me.

What did I do to deserve this?

We are so busy we'll take any help we can get.

Shamim fell out of the tree.

Mr Smith forgot to take his commuter ticket.


I'm still trying to figure that out.

Do you mind if I have a look?

You didn't let me answer.

He decided to have the operation.

I said all I had to say.


You've seen this before, I can tell.


I am already what you call elderly.


I was wondering when you were going to show up.

Because of the rain, the audience at the concert was small.

You may find this useful.

Where's the bus stop?

This is what they have in common with other peoples.

This boy denied having broken the window.

She eats lunch here from time to time.

I know Pontus didn't do it.

Can you think of any better way to do this?


His appearance deceived me.

I don't care how you look.

Although the accident has delayed progress by one month, we have managed to catch up with the schedule.

As soon as I have written the letter I will rush to the post office.

Granville will probably be the one who comes.

I'd better leave before Axel gets here.

I don't speak Estonian.

I'd feel a lot better if Casey could stay with you.

I don't lie.

Rajiv looks busy, doesn't he?

Laurianne is quite careful, isn't he?

Jayant is opportunistic.

I'm going to the country with my friends.

That's what Ole would say.

She is far more smartly dressed than I am.


He sleeps during the day and works at night.

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He shaves with an electric razor every morning.


I prefer regular pasteurized milk over UHT.

The retired often feel that they are useless and unproductive.

Everett is a classy guy.

We were confused as well.

The yen's appreciation accelerated the decline of that company.

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I hope you have sweet dreams.

Tell us everything you know about where Shannon grew up.

The truth is too simple, one can only go there by way of the complex.

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Rajeev almost got hit by the ball.

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It's easy to make and it's cheap.

I am not so foolish as to lend him money.

I agree with their plan.

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I wouldn't want to take that risk.

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You were never very happy here, were you?

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan.

The only question is where.

Bart seemed genuinely surprised when I told him that Laurence had left town.

Tomorrow's payday.

I used to think Gabriel was a pretty good coach.

He speaks with a lisp.


Is Leung in charge?

Come to Albania, we always make good coffee there.

I know how that feels.

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Jose is the one that's been stealing our sheep.

Hello. May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please?

Is this the real truth?

Have you called him?

The enemy dropped bombs on the factory.

Who wants me dead?

I can't work for you anymore.

We can see who's laughing, but not who's crying.

Be sure to drop me a line.

I am not a fan of environmentalists.

Ranjit has gotten his clothes dirty.

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I was lucky to be there.

I'm not a poet; I couldn't write a single line to depict its beauty.

We rent movies all the time.

He is not such a fool as you assumed him to be.

I want to know why you weren't here yesterday morning.

Where did you taste them?

She's an evil witch.


I would ask the question differently.

Are you his mother?

It's been pretty much the same over here.

As far as I can tell, Ritalynne isn't lying.

Ever since my childhood I have liked to imaginatively experience the situations and histories of other people.

I am watching television.

You can sleep on the couch.

Yesterday, Ramadoss cleaned the house and washed clothes.

I hope that you will help me.

Nobody's seen him.

Linda gave me a book.

Hey, get away from there.

Do you think I could talk to Randolph?

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We really have to go.

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Because he invited me.

Bartender, I'd like to have a drink.

They're all figments of your imagination.

We knew Real had talent.

You should have your head examined.

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Hydrogen bonds have something to do with the high boiling point of water.


It's already time to go to sleep.

You should just talk to them.

She's a fast thinker.

It's quite good.

Were you tactful?

Merton said he doesn't remember doing it.

Children often bother their parents.

Do you never feel that work is like play?

He's wearing sunglasses.


We've even asked Taurus to help.

Any amount of money will do.

They came in one by one.

I wish!

Terri looked in the cardboard box.


You must associate with people of good character.

Why don't you go and get your things?

The wind picks up, it drizzles outside.

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Is that a recent photo?

Can I try doing it once more?

Jan is not convinced that Ed is entirely innocent.

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The bagging was quite expensive.


Since you all say that, I must think again.


She is honest in deeds and in words.


He told me that I could use his car.

We returned to Boston on October 20th.

We had a Bavarian pork roast with red cabbage.

Why did I go wrong?

The problem was we didn't have enough time.

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I said good night.

You don't have anything to worry about.

She talked to the chairperson.