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Book, Vaidika Mantras (Vedic Mantras) with Transliteration and Translation, contains:   Mantras for Meditation, Peace, Prayer, Auspiciousness Agni-Hotram (Havan); and Bhajans (devotional songs), Preparation of Yagya, and  Pronunciation Guide.  Second Edition and Printing: 1992.
The Author: Uma A. Saini.

Hardcover Casebound Book, 300 Pages
Price: $29.95

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By: Ramgopal Shawlwale,
Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha,
New Delhi, India

This book "VAIDIKA MANTRAS with Transliteration and Translation", written by Uma Saini, has fulfilled a long standing requirement of the followers of Vedic Dharma settled abroad.  Correct pronunciation of Mantras in Sanskrit is an important aspect, since incorrect recitation leads  to incorrect interpretation of what the Mantras actually stand for.  The writer has taken pains in doing the transliteration to show how the Mantras have to be correctly pronounced in order to get to the root of their letter and spirit.  The Pronunciation Guide provided in the book will help learn correct pronunciation of Sanskrit and Hindi words.  Both the English and Hindi translations of the Mantras have an added advantage in understanding the meaning in right perspective.

I am sure this book will go a long way in educating the younger and older generations with regard to the fundamentals of Vedas and Vedic Dharma.  It will be equally useful both to the learning and the learned.

Ramgopal Shawlwale,
Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha,
New Delhi, India.

By: S. L. Verma, President
Arya Pratinidhi Sabha,
New Delhi, India

  This contents of this book are very well arranged and the work shows sparks of inspiration and dedicated effort. The author has done a very good job in explaining the correct interpretatioin of the Vaidika Mantras .... The mechanics of meditation are made very clear and simple. The clarity, concisenes, and siplicity of this book are overwelming.  CLICK TO SEE FULL TEXT



This book is intended as a guide to mastering the correct reading, recitation, and comprehension of the Vaidika (Vedic) Mantras for meditation and prayer.  By simplifying the text, it is my expressed hope that an interest will be created in the mind of the reader for further studies in the Vaydas (Vedas).  In addition, this book provides detailed information about the preparation and organization of a Yagya which will enable the reader to perform Yagya without the assistance of a priest.

Why this book?  I have been living in the United States of America since 1967 and have felt the growing need for such a book which will help everyone in the correct recitation with comprehension of Vaidika Mantras while doing Sandhya and Agni-Hotram (Yagya/Havan).  This growing need and my desire to promote the message of the Vaydas in the western world have motivated me to write this book.

It is of utmost importance that each word of a Mantra be enunciated or pronounced correctly.  Pronouncing "at" instead of "ate" or "cat" instead of "Kate" can be problematic.  Similarly, saying "agnim" or "Agni" instead of "agna-yay" can change the meaning of the word.  For this purpose a pronunciation guide is given before the Sandhya Mantras.  Long Sanskrit words have been split linguistically in accordance with Panini's Sanskrit grammar for easy and correct pronunciation.  In addition, some words have been hyphenated to make the pronunciation easy.  Transliteration has been done according to the standard system used by linguists. However, some modifications have been made to achieve the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit and Hindi sounds that do not exist in English language.  It is highly recommended that non-Hindi readers go through the pronunciation guide very carefully before attempting to read the Mantras and the Bhajans .

Uma A. Saini

Language Teaching Center
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218