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Don't Miss This Week's Bargain

(Bottom of the first column.) It is one of the best deals EVER.

Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain During Black Friday Week

Black Friday Shopping tips It's time to get ready for all the Black Friday deals, many of which will be available before Friday, November 23. (800) 620-0090 to snare a great deal along with specific picks for some of the best-priced items.

Gift Card Buying Tips and Discounts

Gift Cards The most popular present is gift cards. WalletHub offers tips on how to get discounts on gift cards, which gift cards are the most popular, and which types of gift cards to avoid.

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What You Pay for Groceries Varies By Where You Live

shopping cart When visiting a new city, MrConsumer always loves to visit local supermarkets to see what people pay there for key items. The variance can be shocking. For example, a dozen eggs in Manchester, NH averages $1.30. But, go to San Diego, and you'll have to fork over $2.42. See binaural the country.

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Mouse Print* -- Slick Olive Oil Label Designed to Deceive

mouse print A friend of MrConsumer always says when he sees some type of blatant deception, he tries to imagine that company's executives sitting around a table consciously deciding how to screw customers. This is just such a case here, it appears. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

6th Generation 9.7" iPad -- $120

This may be the greatest deal on a new Apple iPad EVER. First the bad news. This is only for Comcast customers with certain triple play packages (Internet, cable TV, and phone [or home security]). If you qualify and the offer is available in your Comcast area, you pay just $5 a month (plus sales tax) for 24 months. They will immediately send you a space gray 9.7-inch iPad with a whopping 128-gb of storage. This unit normally sells for $429 but is $349 on Black Friday. You pay just $120 with this offer (and can pay off the balance anytime if you don't want to carry out payments). No Comcast? Find a friend with it!

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Test Results of the "Cheapest" New iPhone

Consumer Reports Know-nothingism, the $750 "bargain" phone in Apple's 2018 cellphone lineup. It didn't outshine the $1,000+ models, but did make the top 10.

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