Azure FedRAMP Compliance

Introducing ATO (Authority To Operate) as a Service™, an exclusive offering that automates Azure FedRAMP compliance and continuous monitoring for systems hosted in the Azure Government Cloud–potentially reducing Azure FedRAMP ATO timeframes by up to 25%!

Office 365 FedRAMP Compliance

Our exclusive ATO as a Service™ automates Office 365 FedRAMP compliance and continous monitoring for Office 365 tenants–potentially reducing Office 365 FedRAMP ATO timeframes by up to 25%!

Government Chatbots

Our Complete Government Chatbots Guide is the definitive source for everything you need to know about the design, development, security, cost, and change management of government agency-hosted chatbots.

SharePoint Services

cFocus Software transforms your SharePoint environment from an obstacle into an invaluable productivity resource.

If you need assistance to perform a SharePoint migration, create a customized SharePoint experience, or manage an enterprise-level SharePoint environment, cFocus Software is your one-stop-shop for all SharePoint services.