Give that back to me.

Blood flows through blood vessels.

Sharan knows he's not very good at speaking French.

From now on, I won't smoke anymore.

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With most of the arts, if you don't get the basics down properly then it is difficult to acquire further skills.

You are so beautiful, my love, so beautiful!

Spring will come soon.

Even though I was right, he got the best of me.

Plastic has written many magazine articles on whales.

Our boss is hard to please.

Abstract art is not to the taste of everyone.

I was just thinking about it.

Women like men like their coffee: They've got to be strong, hot, and to keep them up all night long.

A child needs love.

He is a war orphan.

What can I tell you?

Speaking in public was an ordeal for Shutoku.

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Is she still here?

I asked Paul how he'd do it.

Someone turned us in.

I decided to study abroad.

I'm going to find you wherever you are and kill you.


I've been googling myself once or twice a month.

I follow orders.

Do you understand him?

The plan met with opposition from the inhabitants.

Only the other day in a railway accident, without the time to send out a mayday, many people lost their lives.


Don't let Stan near my kids.


Long ago, they believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.

Not everything Marty said was true.

The hotel is looking for a new head receptionist.


These are graded on a hundred-point scale.

He is always vague about his intentions.

I started to make stew.

Lewis has been treated unfairly.

They went on a hike, though it rained.

What do you say to staying?

Emil is immature.

He has a good palate for wine.

This house is very comfortable to live in.

It's filled with stories from last summer.

Not here.


He was completely worn out.

Recently my haemorrhoids, which I've had from before, are painful.

The conditions were difficult.

I don't want you to tell this to anybody.

I'm looking forward to going home.

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Beethoven went over to the piano, sat down and began to play.

An ash-colored rabbit appeared and as soon as I drew near, it hopped and ran into the woods again.

What made you think Mosur did that?

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What's your name, son?


This is an obvious sentence.

I can handle this.

He's a goal keeper.


Duncan has been working for the same website design company for years.


The chair is broken. You'd better get someone to fix it.


My birthday was last week.

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I talk to you about mathematics.


Masanobu leapt off his horse.

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I handed Amy a knife.

There's no point in asking me for money.

Some survived.


You're hurting me.

I don't think I have ever been this hungry before.

Jerald looked very happy.


Nikolai is very unhappy with you.

I'll alert him.

He often plays the guitar.

He has accumulated wealth.

The factory will begin to produce next year.

He just nonchalantly goes about doing it.

He sipped the hot coffee slowly.

Take care not to fall.

Remember your station in life.

The most important Shinto event takes place in the New Year, when millions of people visit shrines to pray for happiness and a healthy year.

You're within your rights.

He was so healthy up to the minute of his sudden death. You really never know what might happen next.

Pure water was washed away to this river as well at that time.

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We're in control.

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This seems unlikely.

I want to get as much information as possible.

You drink too much coffee.

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I wanted to go there with her, but I was too busy.


Troy didn't know what he'd say to Hein.

Mike is the tallest of the three.

The United States dominated the world after World War Two.

To my dismay I found I had lost my money.

I couldn't say when exactly in my life it occurred to me that I would be a pilot someday.


Ralf has already left.

Where did they learn this?

You're a good kid.

My legs hurt after the long walk.

Troy didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

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I would like to become multilingul.

I'm late, aren't I?

All the king's men.


You will do as I say.


He also saw it.


His demands are reasonable.

Italy is a beautiful country.

Ken still hasn't washed the car.


That pretty girl is my sister.


Sedovic eats lunch every day at noon.

Are you the new secretary?

That's my dictionary.


That young lady is a nurse.

"Does it taste good?" "Yeah, it's good."

Keep him busy.

Elaine and Israel were whispering to each other.

This makes me nervous.


Sometimes translations do create ambiguity.

We should've started this earlier.

A part of me died with you, but you will live on in me forever.

Today is the first day of fall.

Lois's condition isn't serious.

These lemons are fresh.

They identified him with God.


Scientists have detected a magnetic field surrounding Mercury, though it is not as strong as the field around the Earth.

My parents were opposed to our marriage.

We should give this a try.

I am very interested in soccer.

This is the most recent picture of Theo I have.

Could it have a future ?

I thought you were off today.

She cannot stop her.

I think we're on the right path.

You look as beautiful as ever.

That's your conclusion, not mine.

We tried to cheer Mikey up.

It appeared to me that he was very intelligent.


It's almost lunchtime.


We can't just sit around and do nothing.

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Last week I underwent LASIK, an eye operation to fix my vision.


Just give me some time. I'm sure I can figure out how to solve the problem.

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When I awoke, he had already been there.

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She must be a swindler.


Lynne would've been impressed.


Gypsy must've had a key.


She took risks.

Don't worry, everything will be OK.

He got angry with his brother.

He was afraid of hurting her feelings.

Parliament is now in session.

The party was a flop.

It's just between you and me, but Kazuo's wife is pregnant.

There's no way to polish a hedgehog.

This book is available at one shop only.

It's not like you to complain.

I've had a vague uneasiness.

Let me talk to him alone, OK?

I still have the picture that I took of you 10 years ago.

Cory needs a little more practice.

We want to vote.

She went on talking to her friend even after the class began.

The president addressed his students as follows.

He spent three years in jail.

Next time, lie to me. In this case, I'd rather not have known the truth.

Varda seems to have changed his mind about staying.

Is the bath ready?