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Australian Money Market is a fully transactional term deposit platform that has been specifically designed for financial advisers, accountants and stockbrokers to make the process of investing in term deposits as simple as possible.

The Australian Money Market platform requires just one initial application form to be completed to allow access to a range of institutions listed on the site. The platform allows advisers to view the rates of various institutions and transact on the web with a click of a button. The funds are always held in accounts with financial institutions in the name of the client. Australian Money Market does not hold any monies on trust for clients. Upon the maturity of a term deposit, you are able to switch to a different institution and the funds are transferred automatically. Cash transfers are always bank to bank and remain in the name of the client.

Benefits include:
  • automatic completion of all application forms and contract notes (after the initial account with Australian Money Market is opened)
  • simple switching of funds between institutions upon rollover that enables clients to continually maximise interest earned
  • bank deposit rates are displayed in one place allowing clients to shop for the best rate at a glance for the best return, allowing certainty of earnings and savings.
  • full client confidentiality ensuring the term deposit provider can not market to clients
  • full history of financial transactions provided at the end of the tax year without any transaction fees
  • flexible commission rates

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Latest Testimonial

"Australian Money Market put me and my clients in control of their cash holdings. We decide the bank, the rates, the terms and we can invest immediately. The service allows me to provide a private banking experience without working for a bank. The team at AMM are excellent, they go above and beyond to help facilitate all transactions, especially the "emergency" client transactions that come up from time to time. I would have no hesitation in recommending the service provided by AMM to other financial advisors."

Dean Holmes, Director,
Absolute Wealth Advisors

"On the whole, we have been particularly impressed with the product, the services provided and the overall 'hassle-free' experience. In uncertain financial times, the demand for capital security and term deposits has been strong from many of our clients. The ability to choose from many different banking institutions ensures that rates are competitive in the market place."

John Burke, Luke Whiteley & Rosie Harriss
Professional Investment Services

"We have found Australian Money Market a most useful and innovative addition to the services we are able to offer our clients. Besides being able to help manage our clients' term deposits in an efficient and timely manner, we are able to increase our contact points with clients in a helpful and easy way which has led to very positive feedback."

Laura Menschik, Managing Director,
WLM Financial Services

"Australian Money Market provides us with a unique service to enable us to provide a better and more cost-effective service for our clients – and enabling us to build better client investment portfolios suitable for these risky times. At the same time, AMM helps us to keep our costs down and our client net investment returns higher."

Bruce Baker, Director,
Puzzle Financial

"Australian Money Market has many of the best term deposit rates in the market all in the one place which suits us well. As we are not restricted with mandatory term deposit providers we can select the best rates for our clients without spending time searching all the different providers. AMM also have all the disclosure documents that we require to send to clients to ensure that once recommended we can easily locate and send out."

Brian Nash, Director
Merlea Investments

"We have been a user of Australian Money Market for over two years and it now forms an integral part of our operations. AMM gives us a wide range of short, medium and long dated term deposits all available via a single portal. This enables us to proactively manage client's cash positions in an efficient manner, resulting in a greater overall return on cash holdings."

Paul Giordano, Financial Planner,
Perspective Group

"I have used Australian Money Market for a number of clients and they really like its ease of operation, diversity of financial institutions and the good rates on offer. They really like how easy it is to switch when deposits mature. As an adviser it allows me to offer my client a wide choice of good rates plus it's very easy to use. Importantly, I appreciate the excellent personalised service I receive from the AMM staff."

Ron Ogilvie, Director,
O & M Financial Services