This is what's going to happen.

Amigo wasn't at school the day we had our class picture taken.

Mother and I were in the garden.

Just keep driving.

This meat is kosher.

Have you reported that your father is missing?

Wade continued walking down the hall.

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We await the visit of our uncle with a happy heart.

What was the purpose?

You can't let David drink by himself.

Shall I ask Raphael to call you back?

Leif probably doesn't care.

When did you visit your friends?

Let me know what you want to do.


I like this job, but I'd prefer not to call my boss over in a loud voice whenever something bad happens. I'm partial to elegance.

I want the whole world to know about us.

Do you need to do that now?


I'm not under arrest, am I?

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Above all, fame means dying at the right time.

Ayako's skin is sensitive to chemicals.

My mum has to spoil things.

Maybe dad can do the dirty deed.

He is bent on getting the driving license.

We always have to pay more.

He is good to me.


May the new year bring you happiness!

Joanne's big-headed.

The Dutch and the Belgian tricolour were streaming side by side amiably in the village on the border.

If you want to be slim, follow this diet.

You must not park the car in this street.


Do you believe his story?

I've already been swimming once today.

I am a cook.


I beg of you, don't die!


I can't do this without them.

He dried himself with a towel.

Six witnesses said they saw Ian cheating on the exam.


It's really hot there.

Have you tried turning it on?

It was me that paid the bill.

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I can't fall asleep.

When there's more wind, the windmill spins faster.

Smoke was coming out of Floria's room.

Has anything been unclear so far?

I prefer a ready-made suit.

Timo was fluent in French.

It's hard not to like her.


Do you have a job?

Jaime has been here for three hours.

He looks just like his brother.

Which color do you prefer?

How many countries are there in Africa?

Neil said it was an emergency.

You have no taste.


I am unable to agree on that point.

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Elliot is an American citizen.

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Dion asked me if I knew Leonard.

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France won the World Cup in soccer in 1998.


I should be with her.


He wanted to know more about the flowers.

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We needed three more points to win the game.


I've already visited his university.

Perhaps it'll rain tomorrow.

I don't blame you for hating me.


He stole my wallet.

You should put parentheses around this phrase.

Lewis is at his desk writing something.

Hey, man! What's up?

Noriko is like her mother.

That's a real good sign.

I was tired and cold.

I'm very concerned about your health.

I'll forgive you just this once.

I've simplified it a little bit.

Can you translate?

You look upset.

We're shy.


Grooming in primates increases group cohesion.

Printing ink is in short supply.

Casey grabbed Linder's arm.


May I go out to play when I have read this book?

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We'll just follow you.

Such a stud!

Eddie's doctor advised her to exercise.


Darci always thought that John and The were such a nice couple.


After listening to an Arabic song for ten seconds, Dima finally heard a familiar voice say, "As-Salamu Alaykum!"

The airplane flies at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.

As soon as they return, I will telephone you.

Japan is rich in beautiful scenery.

I've done this several times before.


It's terribly urgent.

Rebecca pushed Eric off the pier.

The ambulances carried the injured to the nearest hospital.

I promoted her.

This company is famous for its high-quality production.

I hate karaoke.

You were manipulating them.

I can't think of any other way of getting him to accept our proposal.

I am your only ticket out of here.

You should feel flattered.

Even a rabbit, if badgered into a corner, will fight back.


He rarely gives in, confronted with difficulties.

I've never seen this place so empty.

Are you worried about the competition?

Children seek approval from their parents.

I'm here to win.


They were all ears while the pianist was playing.

Gene was troubled by Angus's erratic behavior.

What are you up to?


Mah Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.

It does bother me.

I got on a bicycle and chased after the thief.


He will walk.


It's easy for that man to compose a good poem.

Isn't that where we first met?

I think that they were just trying to be friendly.


The commanding officer marched, with soldiers following behind.

It won't be long before they get married.

She wanted to say something to him, but didn't know what to say.

Sperm bank regulations restricted a given donor to making sperm donations at only one facility and restricted the number of children that each donor could "father".

I won't be able to meet you tomorrow because something unexpected has come up.

Clyde joined the search for Percival Lowell's "Planet X", a planet beyond Neptune.

I just want to get off this island.

I've had a lot of calls today.

Barring snow, father will come home.

The door opened and there she was, standing in the doorway.

That's what you get!

"Your brother is much cuter than mine." "Whaat?"

Let's start with a few facts.

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I put my gloves on inside out by mistake.

Torture is against the law.

I don't want you to change.


A gentleman called in your absence, sir.

You may use my typewriter.

I walked the length of the street.

The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Bell.

2. Draw a boomerang shape on the card with a pen. Cut out the boomerang you've drawn.

It's hard to endure the boastings of the French.

Dirk works about 30 hours a week.

Pilar is an octogenarian.

We sometimes lack patience with old people.

Why is my dad in the kitchen?

If it were not for books, each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

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I really don't want anything to eat right now.

Hans lives in a penthouse on the 30th floor.

Suzanne came back home covered in mud.

Thuan isn't helpless.

Say this three times, with your eyes shut and you will see what you will see.

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I could see nothing but fog.


There is something wrong.

I'll go find a pen.

Can you help me organize my files before you leave?

No student in our class is smarter than Kate.

It's not so hard.

No one will be caught by his flattery.

You were late.

This idea is totally new to me.

What's your favorite Anime TV series?


One day those people arrived in his village.

My grandmother is able to fly.

We have to leave now.