The new teacher is fresh from college.

Acknowledge your own faults before criticizing others.

It may be important.

I want to see you smile.

I've heard that Miki is now studying French.

Is it true that you calculated this without a calculator?

I won't tell anyone unless you want me to.

Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Does that mean you're ready now?

Emmett lied about where he'd been.

The telephone is out of order, Mr. Tamori.


I have a big problem.

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I found it difficult to understand what he was saying.

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

I'm employing my self-control so as to not lose my mind.

This should be wrapped up as soon as possible.

Because you demanded that I hold your hand.

Do you want to talk about this?

Laurel has to listen to us.


Both Juliane and Tollefsen study French.


If it weren't for the climate, I'd like it here very much.

What's the word?

I have no problem making money.

He knows no fear.

Now it's my turn.

Is there a doctor here who speaks English?

Gil talks about that a lot.

What makes you think that'll work?

I don't pick up hitchhikers.


Kazu likes sports very much.

This camera is very expensive.

The students went on and on asking questions.

I did my duty.

The falls are some distance below the bridge.

No two rivers in the world are completely the same.

Anton has been gone for ages.

He has a good command of English.

Sri is doodling on a cocktail napkin.

My job is to help people solve their problems.

He's not married.

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I study French after dinner every day.


Change the orbit slightly of a single asteroid and we have big reptiles instead of people.


We considered going, but finally decided against it.

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She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

Does anyone in your office speak French?

Laurie says he's not willing to take that risk.

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Don't be angry with him.


Bryce threw Molotov cocktails at the police.

Her heart is as good as gold.

I heard that boy traveled from Hokkaido to Kyushu on bicycle.


When was the last time you circumcised a little boy?

It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them.

He has a robust constitution.


Clem sounded happy.

The battle was fierce and unbelievably bloody.

I don't want to walk home.


Welcome to the management team at ABC Japan.

What are we going to tell him?

What is it that you're afraid of?

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Ask me anything.

I was young once.

He showed a lot of patience.

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

I'm not certain Duncan is here.

We have to make sure that we get there on time.

She should be here soon.


It feels silly.

Where did they send you?

Clifford said he doesn't need a chauffeur.

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He was disappointed that his expectations were not met.

I'm only bringing personal items.

They carried on with the construction in the face of strong opposition from the residents.

I'm not leaving you.

Every day I planned my revenge.


Martyn went the wrong way.

Wolfgang might do the same.

Is Jerald armed?

Don't make me go.

I thought Panzer would prepare the food for us.

Shakespeare is the author of Hamlet.

I was so busy last week.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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I am learning to play the guitar now.

As I said earlier, I won't be here tomorrow.

I don't hate school.

What's your opinion about that?

It was so cold that I stayed at home all day.

I'd like to pay by check.

What did he really mean by that?


My brother's broken his leg and has to use crutches for three weeks.

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Don't count on his help.

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I am at a loss how to answer the question.

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We just got him to go to sleep.

For the best fried chicken in Gulfport, go to Grandma's Kitchen.

Just because a sentence is owned by a native speaker, it doesn't mean that it's natural or that it's an example of modern daily usage.

Would either of you like coffee?

Although Bob was in disguise, I recognized him at a glance.


I'm convinced we can finish this by tomorrow.

Where can I hire a maid?

She took offence at something.

Hurry up!

They were after us.

How do they do that?

That was a stupid thing for Hamilton to do.

We haven't raised enough money yet.

I would like to have some more water.


I'll show you my vocabulary list.


I had not run five minutes when I got out of breath.

Hey cat, how are you? Are you sitting in the house? There are two cats.

Brooke is always trying to boss everyone around.

We've done way too much already.

I'm looking for my wallet. Have you seen it?


I need guidance.


She asked me out on a date.

They're weak.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?


I can see your little book.

I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that musicals simply annoy the crap out of me.

That's one secret I'll keep.

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That cut on your arm looks pretty serious.

Wait, what the fuck? The music festival got cancelled because of 'unsatisfactory ticket sales'?

She graduated magna cum laude.

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It was her fearfully pale complexion that caught his eye.

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Without air and water, we would not be able to live.

I have a wife and three sons in Boston.

The corporation set up a dummy company.

You have more energy than me.

This ring has lost its glitter.

Sunil and Lucius used to go out together.

Urgent business prevented him from coming.

I need another one.

His ideas are always practical.

We should let you get some rest.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the party.

I apologized to you for that.

She lost her son in the war.

Billy was an Olympic swimmer.

Dan picked up Linda from her house.


Today is not my lucky day!

Arthur took the cookies out of the oven.

He took back what he had said about me.

I've always paid the rent on time.

I'm afraid I can't afford to buy a new car.

Suspenders are safest.

He said he feared his speech had been a failure.

I just made dinner.

Three men menaced him with knives.


Be kind in all you say and do.

She told me that she came all the way from Hokkaido to see her brother.

They can still accomplish their goals, I think.

Please tell her I'll come after I do some shopping.

Don't you realize your behavior reflects on all of us?

Since when is your skin jaundiced?

We'd better go home now.

Rogue spoke first.

Love is a great contradiction. You cannot live without it but at the same time you will be hurt by it.

Ima is definitely over thirty.

Can we talk to her?

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There is no going back.

John isn't well enough to go to school today.

Thales used the astronomical records of the Babylonians and Egyptians to accurately predict a solar eclipse in the sixth century BC.

Sometimes that just happens.

If Penny breaks up with Kirk, he'll regret it.