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In France did you work at the embassy or in the consulate?


The professor grinned.

I studied for a while this morning.

Is it necessary to make so much noise?

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You girls look amazing!

Our country borders on several countries.

This is big.


Lorenzo put the list on the bulletin board.

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I ordered a Turkish grammar yesterday.


Words cannot express it.

You think I have nothing to do; but on the contrary, I am very busy.

Dwight gave a low moan.

Although he is Chinese, he doesn't speak Chinese.

He mediated between the two parties.


That's what he told me.


There are several ways to fund postgraduate study.

On bad roads this little car really comes into its own.

The building has exits on all sides.

What were your impressions of Bert?

I have been instructed to take you to the airport.


I won't talk to you until you've realized your mistake.


Hillary has a longer beard than John does.


I went to the scene of the crime.


I don't know if Claire is still alive or not.


I thought that was the whole idea.

It's all so absurd.

We didn't choose him.


"Hold it like this." "Like that?" "No, like this."

I'll do the best that I can to keep that from happening.

Marnix sat down behind the steering wheel.

That was the beginning of everything.

Jane made an angry gesture.

I definitely do not miss working in the city!

I watched the old woman cross the street.

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Jamie was standing near the entrance.

As anticipated, there have been some problems.

Can you help me do that?

The poor widow with her two young children - herself an orphan - struggled bravely for a while against the fearful tide of adversity.

I think this phrase is a little redundant.

Right at that instant, the bus stopped.

By the time human civilization was a million years old, it had achieved mastery of faster-than-lightspeed voyages.

I totally agree with Craig.

Give me your hand. I'll explain you later.

It won't be a long time before he gets well.

I didn't know what to make of it.

Did you help her?

You should be real proud of yourself.

That is Pierrot's sister.

I learned a little French.


For a moment, it looked like Bret might cry.

You will take one of the streets.

We saw Phill on the beach.

Johann looks like a deer caught in headlights.

I didn't make any promises.

He says he doesn't eat beans because it makes him fart.

We are on the same level.


He has never been late for school.

This book aims to provide an explanation of modern Japanese grammar that is as systematic and as easily understood as possible.

Is it too early to call her?

Don't read aloud, read to yourself.

Come on, let's go get a drink.

Some people like cats, and others prefer dogs.

Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.

I still have some work that needs to be done before I can go home.

She was careful not to break the glasses.

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Someone should've called the police.


That won't change anything.

Allan thought it might be a trap.

His suitcase was full of water.

My pen is new.

The other guest did this.


You may well say so, but I cannot agree.

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He said he hadn't been inside the room. That is a lie.

Would you explain this sentence to me?

No matter how busy Randolph gets, he never forgets to write an email to his mother at least once a week.


Let us hope that this is the last postponement.

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This artist creates beautiful paintings.

We are always looking for new volunteers.

Seven is sometimes considered a lucky number.


He's very kind to me.


He had to go without food for days.


Antony earns a lot of money and has a glamorous lifestyle.

She went shopping elsewhere.

You are three centimetres taller than me.

Nobody but you can make me happy.

Somehow I slept all day today.

What sort of women's fashion does Ginny like?

She opened a savings account.


You miss her, don't you?

They want sex, wealth and fame.

We are making advance plans for our holidays.

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I hope to return soon.

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Let me try something else.

You must eat something.

I was curious to see evidence of this.

We make mistakes.

Talk to me.


Rodger uses a spoon to eat rice, but William prefers to use chopsticks.

We're still looking for Fritz.

Paul makes a lot more money than Hugh does.

He has his own collection of phobias.

Shall I have him call you?

Delicious looking food doesn't necessarily taste good.

That's it, isn't it?


He's too smart to do something that stupid.

Is it OK to drink beer on your university campus?

We're going to meet tomorrow.

I'll deal with this.

The lake is full of fish.

Wendell can't believe it.

You need to buy some fruit and vegetables.

It's a two-edged sword.

Debi lifted the lid and looked into the pot.


When did this happen?

I'll pay thirty dollars for it.

Did you like the movie?

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Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: A cat.

Clark and Aaron were tired of waiting.

I can use all the help I can get.


After his father died, he had to study by himself.

Taxis stood in a rank in front of the station.

The clinical evidence for the effect of acupuncture in the treatment of SAR is still controversial.

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In the morning, the witch gave the girl two pieces of linen to weave before night, and the boy a pile of wood to cut into chips.

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That little girl is my sister's friend.

Boyd hid his money under his mattress.

I should've quit while I was ahead.

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We'll meet again.

Suu told me you were dead.

They're disappointed in their son.

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I had always supposed that Wolf was innocent.

Alexander and Jaime don't want children.

You left your keys in the door.

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Did Earl offer you a beer?


I want you to follow him.

What exactly do you expect me to do?

I'm not making that up.

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Surgery is the best solution.

Lukas is rich, successful and handsome.

Dan was too young to go to the park alone.


God bless you!

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I'm sure Stanislaw will apologize.

Cristina drank himself into a stupor when Hal walked out on him.

A cold snap spread across Europe.


They found one.

Do come by all means.

I love elderberry juice.

The pair of them is coming.

I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them.

God doesn't make mistakes.

They are all very happy.

Can we recycle this?

The bed is very comfortable.


The grade seven and the grade eight students both have completely separate timetables.

Hal probably knows what to do.

I didn't have the heart to tell her.