He drives a breakdown lorry.

I need a ride home.

I know what Aimee wants for his birthday.

I appreciate that this is not an easy task for you.

He gave vent to his disappointment.

This isn't much fun.


The driver asked us to take care when getting off the bus.


Everyone here is afraid of us.

This pill is taken as a suppository.

I just miss you.

The cat ran up the tree.

She works very hard.


I saw Bert's picture.

You should go back there.

I was like you once.


I can't wait to see their faces.

I think telling lies is wrong.

I don't care for green tea.

I should be there right now.

Debbie likes to come here every year on his birthday.

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I owe her 300 dollars.


You'd better do that now.

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Shyam is an excellent skier.

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I'll never listen to her again.

A bad smell permeated the room.

I think you should leave as soon as you can.

You should recognize that you're not a scientist.

He talked about ending the war in Korea.


He doesn't care about his health.

There are several reasons why I have a fever.

I, in company with most other people, support that new law.

She spoke for the homeless.

He's too lazy to apply himself to anything.

Parents think of the new generation as one that is widely removed from reality and only chasing after unfulfillable dreams.

Has Glynn told you what happened?

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Go upstairs.

She's going to be tickled pink to find you here.

I know what Hughes is talking about.

Are you texting him?

Someone smashed the windshield of my new car.

Nicholas is a brave person.

He has had a crush on her.

Just tell me what it is you want to know.

Larry was trying to give his money away.

But what do you think, are there really many spies among us?

I want you to meet someone very special.

Can't you apply the rules a little more elastically?

I saw them surrounding him.

I think Naoto is weak.

Art couldn't count to ten until he was three years old.

Raphael is always trying to boss everyone around.

Televisions with vacuum tubes are regarded as being behind the times.

What a waste of water!

That is no business of yours.


It's still too cold to wear shorts.

He made up a pretext for a fight with me.

Jess has been shot multiple times.

She did not come until two.

I don't like telling him the truth.

Sarah was killed with a tyre iron.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel agreed to continue consultations both in the bilateral format (through the two nations' Foreign Ministries) and multilaterally to promote the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

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In other words, he's saying to use the flower vase in place of the urine bottle?


I talked about lions.

Perhaps they thought you were a patient.

Get away from me. I mean it.


How long have Phillip and Jarvis been dating?

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You can't control me.

I don't think that we should leave Sanford here by himself.

I'll take the jacket.


The smell penetrated through the whole school.

I've just been to my uncle's house.

I still can't believe I did it.

I live in the nearby city.

You're the boss here.

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Do you believe war will start?

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Florian is the one who makes the decisions.

I totally agree with that.

That was the first time I drove a car.

I don't have a job right now.

There are beautiful flowers here and there in the garden.

I didn't kill those guys.

Kurt doesn't know what Pierre wants him to say.

Extremists kidnapped the president's wife.

I do not even know what to say to that.

Sandra's sickness does not stop her from enjoying life.

Kate is looked up to by everybody.

During the day the streets fill up with cars.

Tor said he grew up in Boston.


I don't like public speaking.

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Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

What floor?

Why don't Nicaraguan Native Americans come to Managua?

He stuck his finger into the soft cake.

Miltos shared the apartment with Izchak and three other friends.

I'm feeling a little blue today.

Because the adults have a lot to do, the children are left to their own devices.

Clifford seems to be doing well.

I'm in love. Her name is Vincenzo.

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I accept the responsibility.

I say both as they are different genres of music.

Why not try boxing?

We'll never do that again.

The breeze feels good.

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The tracks run parallel to the road.

Will you look after the children?

He's my old friend.

I went shopping at the new convenience store that opened in the neighborhood and received a free gift of bread.

She tried to investigate the truth about the rumor.

Dylan is very impatient, isn't he?

The two sisters are so much alike that we find it rather difficult to tell one from the other.

Rome has a lot of ancient buildings.

The doesn't obey his parents.

Winter was long here and summer short.

I don't care about her anymore.

I appreciate the courtesy.

The moment I held the baby in my arms, it began to cry.

That's correct.

Someone's coming.

The leak needs to be stopped immediately.

Many families had lost their savings during the war and had nothing to fall back on.

I underestimated you, Paul.

I wrote down his phone number on a scrap of paper.


They decided not to sell the car.

I've given you everything I had.

The people enthusiastically applauded the major.

I heard you talking on the phone.

Gerald is terrified to see the vampire standing at his door.

I know you had no choice.

The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise.

I live next to a dam.

I'm confident in that.

Presley needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Why didn't you just tell Ned?


Dustin is extremely mean.

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I realize it was a stupid thing to do.

Has she already finished reading the book?

She went down the stairs in a hurry.

It was a calculated risk.

I planned a party for her.

She is in the habit of fidgeting in the presence of others.

I'm not sure Jin would let anyone help him.

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I didn't say that either.

You don't know what I've had to do to get this far.

Cristopher came.

Rajeev told me about this place.

He was angry with his daughter.


Clean the mirror.

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That's the tallest building I've ever seen.

He was the last person I expected to see.

Please listen.

It was unseasonably hot in Boston the last time I was there.

I think I should've bought more food.

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He who chases two hares catches none.


This is the zeroth law.

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Jorge can't do it all himself.

What am I going to do? I can't close my fly.

These books are easier than those books.


He must finish his homework today.

Beowulf killed Grendel with his bare hands.

Mayuko is good company.

Jan is very angry, isn't he?

Try to write in plain English.

What the hell is going on?

Kolkka plays the tambourine.

If you have a problem, talk to Vishal.

French is spoken in France and in some parts of Italy.

Would you mind explaining this?

I want to voice my displeasure at the government.