This is by far the best way.

Can you advise me?

Don't go walking in the park at night!

Laurie doesn't like Diet Cola.

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That was foolish of them.


He never fails to give her a birthday present.

Tickets are available at the school office.

Would you please show me where the Banque de France is located?

I've got 20 bucks that says we'll catch the escaped prisoners before daybreak.

Don't let him have a rest.

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I know we wouldn't want Samuel doing that.

How familiar are you with my case?

I have great difficulty in handling the child.

Sidney knocked on Leo's door.

Two minutes after take-off, the plane crashed in the middle of a busy neighborhood.

Would you please put me in touch with the General Manager of Overseas Sales of AB Software Ltd?

I have often heard it said that honesty is the best policy.

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And what happened after that?

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Ann signed his name with the pen Lin had given him.

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Rich wants to tell you something important.


Do you want to see them?


Wilmer explained that very well.

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The name of my city is Jhelum.

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He called to his father as he went up the stairs.


I'm enlighted by immensity.

Shawn sat on the garbage can and played his harmonica.

The birth rate and death rate were nearly equal.

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I bet you didn't know that.

Let's take a look at the evidence.

These factories are a blot on the landscape.

Where am I? What happened?

Matthieu lent me enough money to buy what I needed.


Space had no way of knowing when Clara would arrive.

Japan wanted control of Manchuria.

I have something for them.

Why do I have to talk to him?

Cathryn's train hasn't arrived yet.

I hope Bea's doing better than us.

This stable contains twelve stalls.

When we kissed, it felt as if time was standing still.

We've decided to get legally separated.

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- Never mind the milk, comrades! - cried Napoleon, placing himself in front of the buckets. - That will be attended to. The harvest is more important.

Do you want to go out dancing with me on Saturday night?

He has a talent for music.

Hugh wears expensive jewelry.

My predictions were accurate.

"Did she like the film?" - "Yes, she did."

After she lost her legs, she had no more use for her anklets.

You're my only friend in Boston.

I'm glad Matthieu isn't my wife.


Laurie doesn't seem to be in a rush.

Ragnar is inexperienced and makes extreme statements, but he's not ideological.

His speech verged on the ridiculous.

We are brother and sister.

I know James wanted to meet you.

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Clearly, that was a mistake.

Stu took one look at the teacher's face and he knew he was in trouble.

You forgot to turn off the light.


I saw them get on a bus.


Elvis always takes sides with Valentin.


I'll be doing something else at that time.

Marcia and Lord switched places on the bench.

He is keen about skiing.

In his speech he dwelt on the importance of education.

The godless community was perceived as uncivilised by its neighbours.


You asked all the right questions.

How much is everything?

The dispute was settled peacefully.

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Whichever you choose, you cannot lose.

Say it isn't true.

What disturbed me the most was the noise.

Julianto told me to be more careful.

Hand over your weapons.

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I want to go outside.

How could you let something like that happen?

I decided on telling him of my love.

Theo looked as if he hadn't eaten for days.

I need more time to finish my homework.


Everybody looked nervous.


I want to be sure Robert knows what he's supposed to do.


We have a deficit.

Jose is hard to live with.

I never said any of that.

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Why is Edwin being so nice to us?


You let Emma down.

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There's the smell of napalm.

When does your winter vacation begin?

Vidhyanath should've already discussed that with you.


Tribbles are animals that multiply quickly, as seen in a popular show.


You didn't mention that.

She has a passion for cake.

Dr. Smith is the most knowledgeable expert in that subject.

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Mr Smith said, "There's no need for the marines."


He's always gossiping.

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Michiel's parents told him not to get involved with Hillary.

Tiefenthal said Kieran would tell me why.

I'm as old as you.

I am dozing off.

He is tall, but his brother is much taller.

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I always buy expensive items on credit.

I feel like everything is a lie.

He wouldn't even say hi to me.

You're a jerk.

I hear the buzz of a fan, the drip of the faucet, the hum of the fridge, the tick of the clock, the whoosh of cars passing by the house.


This is the hottest summer we have had in thirty years.

He never loses his head.

I couldn't even see one meter in front of me!

It was dark in the room.

Forty-eight sailors are on the ship.

Christine stayed in the shade all day, because she didn't want to get a sunburn.

It's about three square miles.


What do you want me to ask Ernst?

I'll give you this.

Everyone escaped injury.

There are some nice apples on sale in that shop.

Socorrito should stop his tomfoolery.

Be careful where you stick the pin.

Adlai still has headaches.

I can't believe I listened to you.

How did you know Chip would be late?

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He had grown senile recently.

Glen doesn't have any time to watch TV.

The crowd was mostly women and children.

My cousin is a junkie.

These computers use punch cards.

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He said that he had arrived there that morning.

I offered Turkeer a beer, but he said he didn't want one.

Jwahar and Julie didn't get along too well.


"Achoo!" "Bless you!" "Thanks."

Joseph was cruel.

I'd rather die than do what you're asking me to do.

If my memory serves me right, Ravindran and Monty got married in October of 2003.

I shouldn't have eaten so much.

Why don't you let him decide?

Turn off the water.

Please leave.

What were the choices?


Is Adam there, too?

The silkworm is spinning a thread.

I said I would make her happy.

That's a table.

The cat was unimpressed.

Did you cut your hair?

Our train went through a long tunnel.

Where are my cigarettes?

I went to see her.


This is where I absolutely disagree with you.


Earnie spent all her free time last week answering birthday greetings.


How's the water?

Give your passport number and your date of birth.

Allen went back into the kitchen.

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We came to the conclusion that he is a genius.

Be careful what you tell children. They'll believe anything.

I'm sure it's just temporary.


I'm sure glad that's over with.