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Kith & Kindred


n. A small business established by a pair of crafting best friends, in an attempt to prevent the haemorrhaging of money through an excessive number of shared hobbies.

Meaning: friends so close they are as family


  1. Hand-crafted gifts and unique wall art
  2. Hand-spun yarn and fibre art
  3. Vegan (soy) candles and massage products

Synonyms: Quality, handmade, creative, artistic, fun, wonderful, stylish, desired

Uses: "I bought the most gorgeous things from Kith & Kindred today, and I would have bought more, except that I ran out of money"
(don’t worry, we’ll still be here on pay day)!

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We'd love to see you at a craft fair, but if you can't make it, some of our beautiful designs are 903-308-5210.

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