Life begins when we start paying taxes.

Smoking is prohibited in this room.

She cared for the children out of charity.

What does Kazuhiro want in return?

Fred is likely to say no.

I take full responsibility for the action.

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She's innocent.

I have to find that.

She read all my books on her own.

I met him at the airport.

I'm too tired to deal with this problem right now.

Justin is feminine.

Jeany has decided not to press charges.

The dog jumped up and caught the ball.

Our nephew is buying apples for us.


He often calls her names.

I made you laugh.

Japan consists of four main islands and many other smaller islands.

She came across to speak to me.

I did speak, but no one listened to me.

He wound a bandage around the wound.

Roxanne told Christophe that he was hungry.

It wasn't that hard.

I don't have any money on me today.

Juliet looks undecided.

Well, will Pushkin pay for the apartment then?

He is no monster, I assure you.

What can I do without my friends?

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Friday is the day when she is very busy.

I'll be at your side.

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation.

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It's already out of control.


Nelken isn't interested in the details.


We unearth potatoes.


I'd make up my mind quickly if I were you.

Ernest applied for the job and got it.

What I don't take, another will - the world has always been that way.

I didn't teach him right.

I know that well.

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I missed going out with her and eating at our favorite restaurant.

I was born on June 4, 1974.

I did everything automatically.


I've always thought you were from Boston.

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She decorated her notebook with gum wrappers so the cover was all shiny.

I think Joyce is optimistic.

I have been busy since yesterday.


Mahmoud is sitting on his bunk.

Is this what happens when you get old?

I'd have loved to see you at the party I organised yesterday.


He found your keys. He stumbled upon them by chance.

I met her three days ago.

I'm the only one who knows where Pete hid the gold coins.

Did you beat them all?

Can I go play in my room?

They're asking 3 million dollar and I think would be a steal at twice the price.

It is true that I was head over heels in love with her.


Mariazinha is my friend.


Please wait here for a while.

The nun is fine, but I liked the other one more.

You should do that right away.

The watch was not to be found anywhere.

Can we have a drink later?

It looks nice.

Which train takes me to downtown?

This is the village where the poet was born.

I can take you to the park.

Don't believe anything Randell tells you.

Chuck was relieved to see Hamilton.

Do you know where Dean hid the money?

She thought that our watches were the same.

I'm not going to let this happen.

Morris put on latex gloves.


I'm concerned about the result of the exam.


I think I'm going to be busy on Friday.

He would often say such a thing.

When was the last time you added sentences to Tatoeba?

We wish to speak to her.

Peter staggered out.

But the night is really long, isn't it?

There is milk in the refrigerator.

Who made this song popular?

Out in the forest stood a pretty little Fir Tree.

I don't know Hume that well.

However, maybe from the sudden change in pressure when you put them, having your ears pop is a problem.

It's up to us to find it.

You should apologize to them.

If you do not surrender, you will die!

We need capital.

What is that building with the green roof?

I don't have time to answer any questions.


That child's free time is circumscribed.

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Do you always get up before six?

What's your strategy?

I don't sleep much anyway.

I'm sorry to have caused you such inconvenience.

He has a reputation as being straight as an arrow. He'd never get involved in corruption.

I've never eaten such a good meal.

They will have achieved their goal.

Hearing the sad news, she collapsed in tears.

That's a pretty straightforward question.

His illness resulted from drinking too much.

What a clever boy he is!

I came to Toronto at the beginning of June.

Rebecca urged her parents to let her go out with her friends.


I'm doing this for you.

Could we speak to him?

Novorolsky answered right away.

Patrice said he'd overstayed his visa.

Charlie often cuts class.

Good health is inseparable from exercise and moderation.

A planet is a large space body which reflects the light of a star around which it revolves.

Did you buy them on the black market?

Now we're in business.

Open up.

Slartibartfast was looking somewhat distraught.

I don't have a lover.

Some astronomers believe the whole solar system formed from a single flat cloud of gas, while others believe it formed when a huge object passed near the Sun, pulling a stream of gas off of the Sun. Astronomers theorize the planets then formed from this gas stream.

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I live in a small village.


Everyone seems to be happy but me.

It will have been raining for a week if it does not stop tomorrow.

Liza could stay with us tonight if he wanted to.


Jay noticed something on the floor.

I don't make friends easily.

Ain't that cute?

I've been buried in work mode.

We're heading back your way.

I suggest that you hurry if you plan to catch the next train.

I appreciate you telling me.

Del hardly ever talks.

Tessa is a good violinist.


You cannot use his.

Compared with his brother, he is a poor athlete.

Juliet is cooking breakfast.


I think it's unlikely that any store would sell this model for that price.

Maybe I should've told her.

Isn't there someone else you can talk to?


They're going crazy.


She didn't write back.


He hit the mark.

Thank you to all the veterans who have served this country.

Mr Wright speaks Japanese as if it were his mother tongue.

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I'm intrigued by your challenge.


Isn't it awesome?

Win got here less than ten minutes ago.

Stanislaw reached for his glasses.

You've achieved a lot.

I think you'll feel the same way.


There are 7 main chakras.

I need to make an appointment.

Parents need to collect guns for what?


Amir was ready to quit.


Did you stay home last night?

His poor song was laughed at by all the students.

I'm getting a little drunk.

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Are you sure that's safe?

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He panted under a heavy load.


When can we leave?


Coleen finished his degree.


Why are you always so cynical?

I don't know why they do it.

It is not good manners to laugh at someone when he makes mistakes.

You're being too aggressive.

I'm not afraid of him.