30 x 20
28.5 x 19.25
This 28x19 Landscape painting. Completed November 2011.
Posted by: Kevin
This painting took a little longer then expected, considering I tried a new technique on the leaves of the trees. Even though I tried some new things I think it turned out quite well.

Posted by: Kevin
Depth of field is definitely something I really wanted to portray in this piece. Adding objects like the trees really help with that. Adding blues to the landscape seemed to really bring out the sky.

Posted by: Kevin
The size of the painting is 28x19 inches, done on 1/8 inch illustration board with acrylic paints. I really like to bring a fantasy feel to my landscape paintings and on this painting I was really able to capture it with the different types of blues and brown. The trees and their respective shadows bring the picture to life giving it that illusion of depth.

I never liked working with darker browns and yellows so this painting in a way was challenging, nonetheless to this day I consider it one of my best.
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