Why have I done it?

Two teenagers were suspended from school.


Raul brushed his teeth and washed his face.

The death of my grandmother was a great shock.

Her friend is a singer.

Tammy wants to know who did it.

Don't stoke the fire of discord!

Spank the bank.

Don't leave your dog in the house all day.

Mitchell says you won a whole bunch of money.

Toufic must remain in his quarters.


Let me know what you're up to.

Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.


They stayed awake all night.


There also was another reason.

Is there another solution?

Bring along something to read.

Their job is to wipe the tables.

Avery has done everything he can to help.

It seems that Mr Tanaka has passed the exam.

She was afraid of the dog.

Marian has straight hair.

Never count on victory until you've crossed the finish line.


All I want now is a little sleep.

It doesn't make her happy.

Everybody wants another chance.

I bought five ten-yen stamps.

Darin washes his hands all the time.


You look like an imbecile.

Whenever you may call on him, you will find him at his desk.

She is heaps better today.


The populists won.

I traveled on foot.

What kinds of Japanese food do you like?

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Panacea skinned his elbow.


Nicholas sounds angry.

Oh, thank you, kind sir.

Dark matter cannot be seen directly.

Do you really think I want to be here today?

Both girls are wearing white suits.


Tatoeba was down yesterday.

I told you not to talk to him.

I've had my eye on you for a while.

I need a shower.

Would you pass me the salt?


Donations are appreciated.

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I guess you never learned how to do this.

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Son, shut up and listen to me.


The baseball season has opened.


Tell her to write me.

We must learn to work together.

At your age you ought to support yourself.

I am fond of Cathy.

On the other hand, there seem to be those among young folk who, while touching on Buddhism, have started to think of it as a vital spiritual support.

The floor is quiet.

It's difficult to teach people what they are unwilling to learn.

Mario told Mehrdad that is wasn't a good idea to have money just sitting in the bank.

They're really pretty.


Kaj said he didn't often go to Boston.

Axel has done you a favor.

I had to pay the bill to the tune of ten dollars.

Destroy what destroys you.

I asked them to describe it.

I begged her not to say anything to Dustin.

Doyle usually eats less than Avery does.


Try to be as discreet as possible.

Many workers starved to death.

What's happened to Scot?

Meehan is your buddy.

Bring your tool box.

He is on the team.

New Year's Day is close at hand.


Turn to face the back please.

Men must live and create. Live to the point of tears.

I got something else on my mind.

May we ask you to remit in full settlement at your earliest convenience?

I've seen this movie before.


Cole is always chasing girls.

They rented a house.

I can't make him love me.

Please keep the fire burning.

It's likely to happen.

The truth is opaque and consequently imperceptible.

Could you come with me, please?

Hotta lives near the dike.

It took Vistlik a moment to realize what was happening.

Do we have another one like this?

You're not ugly. You're unique and beautiful in your own way.

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Tell her that I'll do it.

Guido asked Jeffie to read the letter.

She wore a white dress.


That's a pretty terrible deal.

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Mr Smith forgot to take his commuter ticket.

Mac decided that he wouldn't tell Siping anything about the incident.

I would like to brush up my English.

Fritz slid the key into the lock.

We appreciate you coming.

Intrepidly, he jumped out of the plane.

Which is longer, a single bond or a double bond?

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Hail and farewell, brother.

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Don't think about it now.

How did Leon ever get Nathaniel to go out with him?

Joseph ruined it.

The surface of the object is fairly rough.


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I spent the whole day in reading the novel.

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Becky said he'd be here, but I can't find him.

I trained my dog to bring me the newspaper in the morning.

Casper found my contact lens.


Who notified you?

Due to the typhoon, the train schedule was disturbed and all the trains were jam-packed.

Dominick said he wanted to stick around for a couple of more days.

I celebrated Bastille day with a baguette, Roquefort and a glass of mediocre French red.

What was Lance eating?

We should've quit earlier.

There is not enough milk.


The benefits outweigh the costs.

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I was scouted by a model agency while walking around Shibuya.

This risk is unacceptable.

Now Timo isn't going to the market.

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Jordan and Claire both ran for class president.


I want a chess set.

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What's that in your hand?


America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves, if our children should live to see the next century, if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

He did not speak at all.

Could I get you something?

He didn't say so, but he implied that I was lying.

You can spell it with or without a hyphen.

He graduated from law school.

Are you really going to give this to Glen?


Television can dull our creative power.

They will have arrived there before you start.

It's impossible to recreate the sense of home in London.

Follow the example of your sister.

The condition of Man is a condition of Warre of every one against every one.

I want to be more like them.

I use birth control.

Spanish used to be the Philippines' official language.

My father's a farmer. His family doesn't have money, and his life is very difficult.

Be careful not to wake them up.

If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

This line shows the longitude.

What's your favorite kind of book?

Piete would've been able to do that.

Julie is playing piano.

"Do you mind my borrowing your microscope?" "No, not at all."

You should have your eyes checked.

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Sekar made a polite bow to me.

Why don't you talk to him?

I do not think they will accept these terms and conditions.

Let's swim.

I heard it.

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Do you think you'll need Toby's help?

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They're all high school students.

I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm gone.

The story goes in a roundabout way.


I must tell Leslie that.

It's not a loan.

I am from Portugal.


I have to cook dinner.