Fort Moultrie had fewer than seventy soldiers.

Which is the sport that you like?

On your feet, children!

I did exactly what I said I would do.

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I fear that he may be late for the train.

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She greeted me with a smile.

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I convinced him of his fault.

He was in his home in Cambridge, England.

We need some help here.

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The manager threatened him with dismissal.


I have a report to give tomorrow morning.

We will get married in June.

There's somebody in there.

Root remained calm.

In that case (Athens) would have got the blame of betraying all.

We see each other at the supermarket now and then.

You tore your pants.


Betty does a lot of volunteer work.

I didn't know you were a poet.

They bought a few pieces of furniture when they got married.

A bone stuck in my throat.

"Will he recover soon?" "I'm afraid not."

Why don't you head on home?

As civilization advances, poetry almost necessarily declines.

He hates sports.

I will go to Tokyo tomorrow.

The little girl opened the window.

Technology has differentiated our cultures.

I listened to some of his records.

I want you to like me, Robbin.

I can't even imagine that.

Emily read a book.

Has Klaus always been overweight?

Thanks for the hint.

I consider him my friend.

It is not as good as it looks.

Kee has three employees.

Jordan won't eat anything I cook for him.

I come from a family of doctors.

Slavery is a crime against humanity.

I let Rolfe do it.

Ned is very immature.


I am in a terrible dilemma.

Don't just stand there! Help me clean it up!

Dana expected Miles to believe everything he said.

Are there any beautiful parks in Japan?

They ate lunch together.

Don't let the dog inside.

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.


I don't like to be surprised.

This restaurant is famous for its excellent cuisine.

Hunger urged him to steal.

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Can you make us some breakfast?

I won't have time to finish writing this report before the meeting.

Lucius walked into Myron's bedroom.

The works of D'Annunzio are an answer to Marinetti.

There's orange juice in the refrigerator.

Susan isn't your real name, is it?

Moran is grumpy, isn't he?

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The universe exists only because of life, and everything that lives feeds itself.

Cuzco is the name of the Incas' temple.

In which language do you want to see names of animals?

We've spent a lot of time in Boston.

What Vistlik did was pretty brave.

The humidity is very high, isn't it?

She told him not to get excited.

"If you're tired, why don't you go to sleep?" "Because if I go to sleep now I will wake up too early."

They don't serve that here.

Would you lend me some money?

Charleen is serving three life sentences.

A lot of houses were on fire.

I looked all over for Gordon.

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They are threshing wheat.

It was perfect!

As I don't have the software that matches the attachment, I cannot open the file. Please resend it in another format.

Now listen, sir. You won't find a better price. This I promise you!

Put a pan of water on the stove.

Contact her if you have any questions.

I don't have the time to do that right now.

I got into a fight.

I'm coming today.


Cary stayed up late to finish writing the report.

She's not invited to parties.

Donnie grabbed Sofoklis to keep her from falling.

That's Tuna's signature.

Carter wouldn't know.

What? You can't do it? You coward! Chicken!

You don't have to go with her.

You should be careful with them.

You're supposed to be in Boston.

Why are these photos so important?

I'm really looking forward to tonight's concert.


I'd never leave my house in slippers.


He has never even set foot on foreign soil.

Do you eat a lot?

Do you think that's going to happen?

I'm fed up with her.

Peter is continually making phone calls to his mother.

Lorraine never really thought about those kinds of things.

I find you fascinating, I'm enjoying our time together.

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I like my steak cooked medium well.

You've done enough already.

Can you come to my country?

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Teruyuki was afraid of hurting Kerri's feelings.

He is standing on the stage.

I do not speak Chinese.

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I've visited more than ten cities outside the country so far.


Menopause is the opposite of menarche.


Do you use aftershave?

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The money we offered them was obviously not enough.

The alternatives are liberty and death.

Let us consider the gravity of this day, for today inside the hospitable walls of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the French are not meeting the English, nor are Russians meeting Poles, but people are meeting people.

First of all, we have to plant all these seeds.

I owe Edmond some money.

I came here three days ago, too.

I like to make faces at her.

I brought Lars here.

The two families have very close ties.

I didn't work yesterday.

Leave her alone, please.

I think it's time for me to abandon that plan.

Sandy is inexperienced and makes extreme statements, but he's not ideological.


He can't see the forest for the trees.

Let me give you a little tip.

She's very unpredictable.


Olaf hates being left alone.


You don't want to know!

We barely survived.

Lorien can't afford that kind of computer.

Teri wrapped a towel around her head.

Masanao is looking at photographs.


The doctor gave him morphine.

Naresh told everybody at work that he and Matti were getting married.

Let's sit here for a while.

I can't believe I believed him.

What is the news?


Does anybody know where Lea is?

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The life of the patient hangs in the balance.

What makes you think that it was Daren's fault?

Steam is coming out of the engine.

He excused himself for his bad behavior.

Gretchen was mugged.


Winter is gone.

Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.

Is Po still helping out at your restaurant?

They sell everything here.

A lot can happen in a year.

That'll make her very happy.

Do you have any suggestions?

They're looking for you.

He had been there before.

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He handled the affairs of the company badly.

My grandfather, who collected baseball cards as a kid, used to compare batting averages between players. He started a lot of arguments with his friends that way.

This phrasebook is very useful to me.


I can't always understand what you write.

Let's see you talk your way out of this one.

I'll fix a drink.


Be the kindhearted man you always were.

Is it really that important to you?

Soohong is a really good person.

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He hardly talks at all.

You have some spaghetti sauce on your face.

He is willing to stand up for his beliefs.

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Let's sue Philip.

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Erik is a very sociable person.

You needn't have written your name.

Help me if you can.