• Single Axle and Full Truck Drop Tables
    Macton drop table systems are designed to aid in the removal, inspection, maintenance and repair of locomotive truck or single axle wheel set/traction motor combination assemblies.
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    The Turntable Vehicle Barrier (TVB) was developed as a security device which opens and closes to allow or prevent access to secure streets and roadways.
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    Choose from a wide selection of synchronized mechanical screw lift components, gear ratios, controls and power options.
  • Revolving Restaurants
    A Macton revolving restaurant crowns many of the most recognizable towers and hotels and often makes that facility a “must-see” destination in the city in which it is located.
  • Portable Sanding Trailer
    The Macton portable sanding system provides convenience and fexilibity when adding sand to a locomotive that is away from service/maintenance facilities, or as an addition to an existing sanding system.
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    A TDA (turntable divisible auditorium) takes a conventional auditorium and places one or more of its seating areas onto turntables that are capable of rotating to different positions – those rotating seating sections can then create separate lecture halls, performance areas or other smaller rooms that can be used when the full auditorium is not needed.
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    The Macton split rail trolley system provides a safe and easy method for single wheel set change-out. The railcar is positioned on a raised rail with the wheel set to be changed over the split rail section. The trolley is moved into position under the axle, plugged into a 480V outlet and used to lift the weight of the wheel set off of the rails. Once the wheel set weight is off the rails, the truck frame can be supported and the rail sections can be opened to lower and remove the wheel set.
  • Truck Turntables
    A Macton vehicle turntable can be installed in a building on grade, or between levels of a parking garage, or outdoors to suit site conditions. Standard units are available up to 70 feet in diameter and with 100,000 lb. capacities.
  • Portable Car Hoist Systems
    Macton portable jacks deliver maximum floor space flexibility, transforming any location that can support substantial floor loading into a potential maintenance or repair area. Not only can a portable system be moved anywhere in the shop, but the individual jacking units in the system can also be independently positioned to adjust easily to a variety of support points on a railcar. Macton portable jacks operate individually or as a set for lifting locomotives or transit cars.
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    Macton EMI/RFI and EMC testing equipment encompass both indoor and outdoor applications. Systems have ranged up to 60 feet in diameter and 100-ton capacities with positioning accuracies to within thousandths of a degree.

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