Fear is the absence of trust.

I gave up my job.

Bernie and Valeria work together at the same company.

It was a good game.

We really don't have a choice.

What's your favorite thing to do on a first date?

I can't see Donna.



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I never thought I'd be happy to hear your voice.

Where is your underwear section?

"Now we're here!" "Enough! I'm going to talk to Ganon! Hey, Ganon! Ganon? ...Ganon!" "Silence! You dare?!" "...GANON!" "What?!" "I have a present for you: a bomb!"

Please forget about the orienteering that you did at that outdoors school. Well, actually, you don't have to forget it, but the orienteering that we're doing here is completely different.

I will take advantage of the summer vacation to travel abroad.

For some reason I couldn't access my e-mail.

I'm sorry, but I'm already dating someone.


So the pigeon can feel the magnetic field on its head, but it can't feel the Earth's magnetic field.

You don't have brown eyes.

Wake me up when we get to Leif's.

The only reason for the existence of a novel is that it does attempt to represent life.

Jitendra needed the money.

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One of my friends bought a red car.

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You've suffered enough.

I did have fun.

It doesn't look as if that's going to happen any time soon.

I'm out riding my bike.

I'm off the wagon.


The situation was very tense.

He is a hard man to deal with.

I can't pay Siegurd today.


We've been through a lot together.


Do you want to spoil the best moment in my life?

They have one kid.

I wish I had a beautiful girlfriend.

By and by Mt. Fuji came into sight.

As far as I know, that never happened.

What ever can that be?

We've only just begun.

My neighbor found a cache of ancient Roman coins using his metal detector.

The loud noise is driving me crazy.

The decision was acceptable to us all.

Classes begin on Monday.

I just wanted to tell you something.

I should go.

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I talked to her again.

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This game is easy.

East Timor is called "Timor Leste" in Portuguese.

Bert suddenly stopped talking.

A wind advisory is in effect until the storm front passes.

You'd played.

I couldn't figure out the answer.

I passed up an opportunity to see him.


I know I read the letter to you.

They made a promise.

The student decided to abridge his paper by taking out unnecessary details.

That student's very outstanding.

Have you decided on your dissertation topic?

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I can't see her.

We don't have enough bandwidth for more than six people to be online at one time.

He makes it a rule to write in his diary every day.

Corporations are competing to fill the vacuum.

If you lie to me, I'll know.

I hate the smell of garlic.

It happened.


He is the more able of the two boys.

Gerald is willing to stand by you.

I have proof.

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Where is your other younger brother?


I can feel a new life.

Soohong said he has a lot of homework to do tonight.

"Can I ask you for a bit of a favor?" "It depends on what the favor is."

Ah, I think I'm gonna cry.

I walked through the deserted streets around the witching hour.

In those days, he lived in the house alone.

He was the cock of the walk.

Is Reid happy?

I cooked dinner for you.

As you are tired, you had better take a rest.

He also saw it.

I had almost finished my work when she came.

My eyesight isn't very good.

I was concerned about Sally.

Tarmi couldn't answer any of my questions.

The crowd obstructed the police in the discharge of their duties.

I've got a few hours to kill and I'm starting to feel a bit peckish. Let's get a bite to eat.

I like May the best of all the months.

Juri didn't seem to understand anything we said.

It's not just a guess.

She felt her knees tremble.

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There's no need for you to stay here any longer.


When the man saw a policeman, he fled.


I was very impressed by his good behavior.

You're just like your sister.

Find me a good book from the library.

She was very strict with her children.

Celia is much shorter than me.

This is the first time I've ever smelt this perfume.

You should free those animals from the cage.

We celebrate Tanabata in July.

Will you tell him?

It must be a big list.

I don't want to go there alone.

Floyd struggled to free himself.

I don't know how to pronounce his name.

You shouldn't play with knives.

He knows how to clean his rifle.

Be kind to old people.

With Anne's help, I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

Of all the places I've been, Alaska is the most beautiful.

I tried to stop their quarrel eagerly.

That pianist is known for his technique.

My phone is handy.

Don't you think so, Francisco?

He himself decided to go there alone.

Actually, he is not the driver.

Are you planning to stay here for a long time?

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I threw the rope and she caught hold of it.

That wasn't very romantic.

The tower was seen clearly against the blue sky.

Elwood put down the box he was holding.

We hate each other.

Jaime dislikes crowds and avoids going to the shops at peak shopping periods.

I'm planning to go to graduate school.

We have three trees in our backyard.

He looks exactly like his brother.

Do you like Bryan Adams?

They haven't understood the question.

He will not be ready.

Jeremy picked up the phone.

You were told to lay off.

Robert insists on seeing you alone.


I thought you wouldn't recognize me.

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I expect him to be here by three.

You are pushing matters.

Jarvis knows I borrowed the money from Hillary.

Terrance is washing your car.

My sister was robbed of her bag on her way home last night.

You have something of a reputation.

You wouldn't use a spray bottle to clean your mobile phone, would you?

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I have absolutely no idea why.


We do our best.


I called to thank her.

We could not but weep at the sad news.

Let me see the pictures you took in Paris.

I'm going to make sure that won't happen.

I didn't find anything better.

Pat delivered the horrible news.

There's something I want to discuss with you.

We realize now that Jay knew exactly who Tricia was.

Phiroze is dressed very nicely.


Guy doesn't really like Italian food so much.

I spoke after him.

Adam hopped on his motorcycle.

My grandfather's photograph is on the wall.

Before going to France, Mr. Suzuki studied French.

Edwin shot at Heidi with a revolver.

Don't say that word again.


Back off.

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The room charge is 100 USD a night plus tax.


For goodness sake.


When you rely on the team too much, it may reduce your individual competitive instincts.

What do you say to playing cards?

Arnold helped the poor.

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Football means everything to Donald.

The earth centers on the sun.

Kobolds can only be seen on moonless nights.

Hillel speaks Japanese better than the Japanese do.

I'd like to find out why Billy decided not to go.

Is it hot?

The tribe worships its ancestors and speaks its own language, and speaks an unfamiliar language.