I cannot conceive why she has done such a thing.

A Mr. Sakaki has come to see you.


Everyone in the city appears to be constantly on the go.

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I live close to an old bookshop.

The space age began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the world's first man-made satellite.

We're not all that stupid.

The angry mob overturned cars and smashed storefront windows.

Make sure you don't hurt yourself.

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Management will have all employees vote at the upcoming meeting.

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We can get that done.

I smashed my finger in my car door.

The people listened to the speaker attentively.

I find myself forced to abstain.

I would like to see it.

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Knapper ate leftovers for dinner.

Herman needed some fresh supplies.

I'm feeling better.

You have been really good to me.

I'm sick and tired of your complaining.

Lenny knew Emily wouldn't listen to anything he had to say.

He advised me that I keep the secret.

Can you believe it? We're in China!

I think he should have apologized to the teacher.


It was the moral thing to do.

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Kris dressed up as a woman.

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You're not a prisoner here.

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Won't I speak Italian?

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He grabbed my hand.

Master rang the bell.

The students made her life happy.


It being cold, we made a fire.


I'm on good terms with David.

You may change your mind.

Drawing on my fine mastery of the English language, I said nothing.

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Men love amorous women.


Will you please help me carry this suitcase?

You can count me out.

I forgot to do that.

Are you having an affair?

Isn't it Tuesday?


Bring the kids.

You might have left it in the car.

Aren't you going to shake off your umbrella before you put it down?

You don't pull any punches.

Ray hasn't yet done what we've asked him to do.

May I suggest another solution?

I don't need your praise.

I study abroad.

That's fantastic.

We queued up for the bus.

He prepared supper by himself.

Condillac, with sensationalism, revolutionised the concept of mind, making language and gesture prior to ideas, shattering Locke's conception of language as a mere passive medium.

Clean the room.

When did you get up this morning?

You were made by God for a purpose.

What are your plans, Jong?

What problems arose for you?


Can you get it to work?

We need actions, not words.

My house is located in a convenient place - next to the train station.

You love your father, right?

You'll be on time, won't you?


It's a democratic government.

See to it that this problem gets fixed by tomorrow.

The white spots on Saturn are believed to be powerful storms.

He doesn't bungle anything.

The bus stopped, but no one got out.

She rebutted his argument.

When was the last time you picked apples from the neighbor's garden?

It was stiflingly hot.

I don't want to burden you with my problems.

I am invited to the end of the universe.

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.

We're helping James out with something.

The plate slipped from my hands and fell to the floor.

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We'll have to do better from now on.

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Please don't ask Christopher.

I don't dislike him at all.

The morning sun is too bright to look at.

There are five apples in this box.

The story was too pat and I got rather suspicious.


The human brain can adapt to new situations.


Make yourself presentable.

I don't want Michel to hate me.

All that I was looking for was somebody who looked like you.

He has to support his mother and his sister.

You can save your life and your family lives by always preparing for earthquakes.

Stanly is unusually talkative tonight.

Do we have enough chairs?

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The kid is clanging away with his toy.

Dear woman, why do you involve me? Jesus replied.

I can't work with these people!


Everyone rushed outdoors.

Many were slain.

You can read ten books in a week? Don't you mean in a month?

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Abbiati and Ambrosini asked to cancel the game and reschedule it due to the great shock at the loss of their dear friend Simoncelli.

Izzy gave Micah a wink.

I can't talk.

I got called out to work.

Rodger shot Lanny's dog.


We traveled together for three months.

She managed to scare off her attacker by screaming loudly.

He lost his wallet in the street. it didn't contain any money, but all of his documents were inside.

There's only one copy of this document.

Morton thought he had a chance to survive.


He gave me a lift in his cart.

Spudboy looked like he was asleep.

When I got out of prison, my ex-wife and I got remarried.

If you read this book again, you will have read it three times.

Juergen sat next to Janos on the tailgate.

I'm sorry, Doctor. I lost my health insurance certificate.

I'm sure Shean would love to see you.


How many kilometers is it to the next town?

Could you please help me a little?

Would you please let go of my arm?

You are to start as early as possible.

This could take a while longer.

I heard the girl crying for help.

We've just got to go do it.

Kenneth just proposed.

I'm here to protect them.

They were called out three times last night.

Don't try to manipulate me.

Think outside the box.

Why didn't you help us?

Is it difficult to learn Chinese?

They claim they're Canadians.

Suddenly rain began to fall.

If you are silent in a conversation or social situation for a long time, Americans will try to get you to talk.


Adventure is worthwhile.

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The weather was terrible.


Joon isn't sophisticated.


Kerry sorrowfully buried her daughter.

Again, hello.

I won't have time on Monday nor on Tuesday.

You, come here.

Which day of the week is it?

Who lives in that house?

Last night Diana met John here and said that her brother would meet you here this afternoon.

What's your favorite Rolling Stones album?

I couldn't help her.

At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach out for the ballot.

Where on earth did you get it?

Let's break off for half an hour and have some coffee.

I promise you.

He will become the god of gods.

I never thought it'd be this hard to get Sergeant to accept the job.

Dan stopped by to pick up Linda.

She wrote me a long letter.

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Sometimes, I think about that too.

I couldn't help but watch.

There's nothing wrong with the formula.

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Lori looked into the mirror while she was brushing her hair.

I don't know if I will have time to do it.

If I were you I'd be able to succeed.


I don't like anything here.


I saw her this morning.


He does his duty.


I have a high opinion of the film director.

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I know you were proud of me.

I do not love him the less for his faults.

We were glad we had each other.