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Did I get you?

I know nothing but this.

I just called to ask you how you're doing.


I'll reward you.

I'll graduate this year, I hope.

Moran is quite serious.


Jackson fell from his horse.

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Naren is decisive.

English mother-tongue speakers are embarrassed to correctly pronounce the name of the German philosopher Kant, which is a homophone for a vulgar expression referring to the female genitals.

Birds came flying by twos and threes.


I barely escaped getting caught.


Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter.

It was hard.

Man is a vertebrate and has an immortal soul as well as a fatherland, so that he doesn't get too cocky.

I stopped listening to the radio.

I prefer travelling by train to flying.

It was pretty risky.

Just do as you're told.

We will give her a present on her birthday.

Accuracy is important in arithmetic.

When an average person sends a message in a bottle, it's just a childish fantasy. When Christopher Columbus sends a message in a bottle, the fate of an entire country is at stake.

The news took us by surprise.

Slartibartfast and Cindie have three sons.

He looks very kind, but he is unpleasant.

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We have new neighbors.

I have got acquainted with him since then.

She has a few friends.


How many do you have in stock?

The surface temperature on the side of Mercury closest to the Sun reaches 427 degrees Celsius, a temperature hot enough to melt tin. On the side facing away from the Sun, or the night side, the temperature drops to -183 degrees Celsius.

Archie isn't lying down.

I don't allow it.

It will not be long before the world runs short of food.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

We'll stay quiet.

I don't have a knife.

Ed hardly ever speaks to me anymore.


Charlene did warn them.

To our surprise, Emi won the 400-meter race with ease.

Pick any card.

How good are you guys?

Tomas sat down on a folding chair.


Nikolai is a wealthy man.


Of these two opinions, I prefer the latter to the former.

Louiqa's nails were painted a bright red.

I know you'd prefer a bottle of red wine.

Harris hasn't watered her flowers yet.

I don't understand what's happening.

Valerie thought Sedat knew why he didn't like her.

Sex sells.

I haven't heard anything from him since then. I wonder what in the world he's doing.

Spyros killed the engine.


You convinced me.


What do you think Skip was running away from?


That wasn't what I'd planned to do.

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Why not just kill him?


They insisted on my paying the money.

It took Jonathan several hours to assemble a bunk bed that the instructions said would take less than an hour to assemble.

Tahsin knows Dwight is lying.

He insists on things being done in the most efficient way and he usually does them that way himself.

You're geniuses.

I'm starting to learn French.

I'll try Jane for some money.


I heard you were injured trying to help Marnix.

Lila was one of my first students.

I agree with you on this issue.

You can change that if you want.

Make me ten copies.

Can you meet me in the cafeteria in ten minutes?

Her face was eloquent of her sorrow.

He's better than I.

Let's have her decide.

I never saw him in jeans.

The Collosseum is the very icon of Rome.


Where are you going for your holidays this year?

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Only Marnix smiled.


She spit out an angry reply.

He taught his students how we all depend on each other.

He forced me to go there.

You all remember Per, don't you?

He's been on the telephone for the past two hours.

I know you did it on purpose.

It wasn't that difficult.

Lorenzo is back in his apartment.

The tide is coming in.

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Do you know what Mark is doing?

Rodney picked up the dry cleaning on his way home.

Patricia has been worried to death.


Kublai Khan is the grandson of Genghis Khan.

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Would that the trees might speak on behalf of all things that have roots, and punish those that wrong them!

Mother taught me how to make miso soup.

My sister resembles my mother.

You were working yesterday afternoon, weren't you?

The man left the restaurant without paying.

Little birds are singing merrily.

Starbuck knew who the mugger was.


I love your sense of humor.

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What's that supposed to be?


I don't think it's serious - but I thought I'd stop by.

Pinocchio says: "Now my nose will grow."

They robbed me blind.

She drinks a little wine at times.

Gail has never been fishing in his life.

Translate the underlined part.

I want to give Hon the benefit of the doubt.


I used my windshield wiper to clean the snow on my window.

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Radek said he didn't like the taste of beer.


Stay with me for a moment.

I am no more interested in physics than you are.

Do I have to help Kari?

I like to sleep in the buff.

I had difficulty working out the problem.

I'd prefer not to answer.

I just wanted to have some time together.

Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.

If I can get a book from the library, it saves me the need to buy it in the bookshop.

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What time did she check out of the hotel?


I've already done the paperwork.

How many of you agree?

Both their brothers are teachers.

He went out prepared for rain.

They were established to celebrate a certain event or to tell an age-old legend.

Vern reached for the door.

I will come on Monday unless you write to the contrary.

I'm not an only child.

June will notify Presley.

Actually it's your fault.

He drove to school.


Russia won the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics medal count.

No, thank you.

When the lights are red all vehicles must stop, and they may not start until they turn to green. Amber is the intermediate colour.

Unfortunately, Jayesh wasn't wearing a life jacket.

I've got mosquito bites all over my arm.

I heard her speaking English fluently, like an American.

I detest her.

You've all seen the photos, haven't you?

To make sure that I said all the right things in the letter.

I suppose everyone thinks I'm in love with Frederick.

Nobody had the courage to say it to him.

This problem is a real challenge.

What precisely does that mean?


Add this to my bill.


Why can't you ask her for forgiveness?

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Some photos were printed in black and white.

I have a request to make.

Yesterday's football highlights show contained a whopping twenty-five goals!

"Is it raining where you are?" "It's clear."

I have a boiled egg for breakfast every day.

His sister can't talk to you today.

Robin named his boat after his girlfriend, but then she left him.


Welcome to Colombia, Dave.

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The idiosyncratic watch smith watched me from behind the window.


Connie certainly didn't vote for her.


Skopje is the capital of Macedonia.


Matthew and Peggy are a great couple.


This is silly.

You're a very sensitive guy, aren't you?

I'm pretty happy.

Ragnar said it was OK.

According to him, the president must not be turned into a caricature, the loss of authority and public order cannot be borne.